The Worst Genocide In History Exposed: HELLSTORM – The Death of National Socialist Germany

Vatic Note:  What you are about to see in this film below, is a perfect exact model of what these khazar Zionists are in the process of doing to the United States of America, and have modelled it after what they did to Germany in both WW I and WW II.   Its amazing how many times in all of history that they have done this to aryan nations, beginning with Italy/Rome, centuries ago.  

Remember Albert  Pike wrote up the three world wars and their objects back in 1871 and passed them through the international congress that also approved the protocols again, in 1897.   The protocols were the framework for HOW they intended to dominate the globe.  That is what all of this is really all about.... GLOBAL DOMINATION AND POPULATION REDUCTION of the European and American Aryans. 

They are using EXACTLY the same model for WW III, except Americans, instead of Germans,  are the new nazi's through the khazar infiltration into our government, industry and services,   just as they did to Germany, and they pretended to be victims to what they in fact did to their own.  

We provided that, with a link in several blogs proving the Zionists role in harming their own people in order to achieve their political agenda. If I were Jewish I would NEVER trust the Zionist leaders, were "Real Jews" are concerned.  It is so bad in Israel, that many real Jews have had to seek asylum in NY and London.  

They are right about one thing given a sign on the wall in Mossads headquarters...... "...and through deception, we will conduct war".  All these satanists care about is perversion, sex with Children, slave trades both in labor and sex,  money, power, and control over others and slavery to extract real wealth from the goyim.  The "REAL ANTI-SEMITES" on this planet are the khazar Zionists, and no one else.  Remember, semites are arabs and the khazars are not.   I am sure the trolls will be out in full force over this one and the Patton murder. 

The Worst Genocide In History Exposed: HELLSTORM – The Death of National Socialist Germany
by justice4germans,  May 6, 2015
Hellstorm - The Documentary Over the years with my articles on this blog, and in my documentaries, videos,  radio interviews, graphics, etc I have been sharing the story of the real causes for World War II, and what happened to Germany both during and after the war in piecemeal fashion.

 Now, Kyle Hunt has put all of the pieces together in a single film, based upon the detailed and meticulously researched book by Thomas Goodrich entitled “Hellstorm”.

Kyle and all those who contributed to it and have done an outstanding job of presenting graphically, and without any glossing over, the absolute living Hell on Earth that was unleashed upon Germany in the name of “liberty”, “freedom”, “humanity” and “democracy”.
Those who can handle the truth will now see the horrific the firebombing, rape, torture, starvation, slavery, and mass murder inflicted upon the German people by the Allied victors of World War II, and learn about the chilling details through the eyes of those who lived through it.  This film is proof that a “holocaust” did take place!

Indeed, a holocaust against the German people, and other enemy populations under German control during the war also suffered, as a consequence of the actions of the Supreme Allied War Criminals, their generals and their forces who were “just following orders”.  (VN:  We did a blog on how the allied leaders of WW II were all "khazars" and set up the entire World war, along with the khazar Rothschild bankers,  and for the purposes of destroying Germany and its people.  Further we proved that these leaders were responsible not only for the war, but for the aftermath genocide or attempted genocide of the German people.  Here is the blog.  I highly recommend you read it before reading this, and you will then know WHO REALLY DID THESE HORRORS.  It was the khazars themselves that ended up with Israel and the attempted genocide of the Palestinian people.  Its all part of the khazars agenda to rid the planet of the aryan race which has nothing to do with race, rather alien issues.  That is why Hitler built a base in Antarctica, so he could confirm the alien issue and its connection to the aryan race.) 

This is proof of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity on a scale never before witnessed in the history of mankind, and it is high time for the world to see it, understand it, and to finally own up to it!  (VN: its also a warning to us about what can and probably will happen to us, including our old people, children and the less fortunate, should they ever prevail here as they did in Europe.  We must NEVER GIVE UP OUR GUNS..... its better to die fighting than to ever live as they have planned for us,  you will see that in this video below.  Pay close attention and pretend those people being brutalized are us, here in the states and that will bring the point home, dramatically.)

WARNING: Extremely graphic. For mature audiences only!


English subtitles are now available and translations are coming soon.
Buy The Book: http://www.amazon.com/Hellstorm-Death-Nazi-Germany-1944-1947/dp/1494775069
Website: http://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/
Quotations & Sources: http://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/quotes/

On behalf of the German people, especially those who suffered through these horrors, I wish to thank Thomas Goodrich for his courage, dedication and integrity in uncovering the truth and writing his epic book, and to Kyle Hunt and all those involved for their fine work, courage, perseverance in this project, and their dedication to the truth. God bless you!

We are forever in your debt.
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Back in February of this year I had the pleasure and honour of announcing the formation and registration of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society. At that time, I had designed and launched a separate website for this new group to establish our initial web presence and to inform people about our goals, etc. As stated at that time, we were looking for someone to improve on the website design, as well as, to create a more professional and attractive official logo than I had originally produced (see left).
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