A VATIC CHANGE OF PACE: The Incredibly Soulful Music of Glen Campbell, Both Secular and Religious

Vatic Note:   This is a presentation of one of those men, who took the gifts that God gave him, and purposefully used those gifts to uplift, brighten and otherwise enhanced the lives of so many of us over so many years.  I could listen to him sing for hours.

Music, both instrumental and singing, is food for the soul.  And like any kind of food for the body, when you withhold it,  the body atrophies and dies.  Well, that is same with Soul food.   I know that when I listen to him and others,  I fill with so much light, joy, and happiness, that all my cares, worries and problems are nothing, since God's hand is in there working to support me in all that I have to do and contend with.  I gain wisdom from just such a spiritual journey as Glen brings to us with his gift of music.  Soul food, indeed.

While dealing every single day with what is going on in the world, and the current push by satan to achieve the kind of world he wants us to live in, the fight can become overwhelming, but if we "show up",  do "the best we can" and "leave the rest of the battle to God",  while also listening to these great songs,  then God will take care of the rest and trust me,  HE DOES.  I know, I have personal experience on the love that he feels for us and the care that he gives, if we do our part.

So, it was time for another "Vatic Change of Pace"  just to remind us of these things while we journey down this road of learning, testing, and growing that we are definitely NOT ALONE on this journey.  So, please, avail yourselves,  and download this music to call upon at a time when its important to re-nourish the soul and our commitment to what is morally right.  I am including two videos, one that is somewhat secular and one that is Spiritual.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  God Bless you and keep you safe and happy. 

Glen Campbell In Concert In Sioux Falls 
Published on Nov 11, 2014

The incredible talent that is Glen Campbell, in Concert with the South Dakota Symphony in 2001. Recorded for the PBS special "Glen Campbell - In Concert",

Sorry about that, there was no indication on the site that he wanted this to be viewed only at  Youtube, but i guess, the ads are how he makes his money.... so be it. 


Recorded for the PBS special "Glen Campbell - In Concert" by High Five Television

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Glen Campbell -  The Greatest Gift of All
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Laurie said...

I'm surprised by this article. Glen Campbell is a mind control programmer/handler. He's all over TRANCEformation of America.

Vatic Master said...

I appreciate your comment, however, it lacks any evidence that is the case. Do you have links to prove that he is mind controlled programmer and handler??? I understand she put that in the book, but did she foot note it as to where we can get hard evidence, since we have been able to get hard evidence on other subjects she exposed. Thanks and awaiting your response.