Pharaoh's Chariot Wheels in the Red Sea!! Bible Archaeology

Pharaoh's Chariot Wheels in the Red Sea!! Bible Archaeology 
By  Kanimuna Kisaka,  Feb  2013

Vatic Note:  I was disappointed in this Utuber since he said nothing about what he thought of all of this, and I am used to some conversation from those offering such controversial subjects.  They usually give some back ground, a summary of any controversies, then his or her analysis of their side of the issue raised.

Fortunately this Utube does a fairly good job of summing all that up for us. However, expect to be in the dark until the very good presenter in the video gives a full description and analysis on the subject of the Exodus of the children of Jacob from Egypt.  He also discusses the trials they went through, the crossing of the Red Sea, and other aspects presented to us in the Bible and the Archeological evidence that something similar to what is written, did happen.

So, I heartily recommend listening to this carefully and diligently and decide for yourselves.  The comments also are worth reading, especially those that respond to critics of the story of the Exodus, who say it never happened.  I found the responses enlightening.

So, here it is, good luck and keep an open mind to all of it.


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