Another Example of How We Can Fight This Major Khazarian Criminal Mafia's Attempted Take Over of America

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Vatic Note:   It goes very well with our many other tactics that we can use to fight this massive attempted take over of our nation.   It fits with the "REFUSE TO COOPERATE" on issues that affect our freedom of speech and this banning of the flag is just another example, when these students refused to cooperate with the ruling.

WE ARE THE BOSSES HERE, not the politicians.  No one has the right to ban our GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH.  WE must send the message "Go back home and do your dictatorship there and see how far you get with your own people.  YOU WON'T GET FAR HERE, WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU".  

With students like this and in the numbers they showed up and all the support they got from veterans,  on- lookers, etc,  then we can do anything with NON COOPERATION.  Its time to take a serious look at that option. 

School’s “Flag Ban” Backfires Big Time as Students Protest by Doing This
By Admin,  Liberty 247

students protest flag rule

Peyton Robinson is patriotic. So patriotic that he flies an American flag and a POW-MIA flag in the back of his pickup truck.

When a school official told him he could no longer fly the flags because it was a safety issue, he was upset. When that same school official removed the flags in secret and laid them in his truck bed, he was angry.
The senior — who has relatives who served in the military — was upset. “I was pretty mad,” he told WBTV. “I don’t see how it’s a problem. Nobody has ever complained about it before.”
“I’d understand if it was the Confederate flag or something that might offend somebody,” he added. “I wouldn’t do that. But an American flag — that’s our country’s flag. I have every right to do it. I don’t see a safety issue. I mean, I understand it’s a big flag — it’s 4 by 6 — but nobody has ever complained about it being in their way or anything.”
Rather than accept the school’s decision, Robinson went on Facebook to let his friends know what was happening.

Turns out, many of the students were just as upset as Robinson. So on Thursday morning, more than 70 vehicles entered the South Carolina school’s parking lot, all with flags flying.
flag parade

The Blaze reports: “A crowd stood on the roadside and cheered them on, and what appeared to be a group of veterans saluted at the school’s entrance as they rode in.”

The school has since reversed its decision about the flags by issuing the following statement:
Due to the outstanding display of patriotism through peaceful demonstration, it is apparent to us that many are not happy about this policy. School officials have reviewed the standing policy regarding flags and have decided that an exception will be made for the American flag, as long as the size of the flag(s) does not create a driving hazard.
We applaud Robinson and his fellow students for standing up for their beliefs and exercising their First Amendment rights. We also applaud the school for acting quickly to allow students to fly the American flag.

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