The Johnson Years and the end of the Great USA Society

Vatic Note:   This below explains exactly why the Khazars call themselves "Jews" when they are not, either by DNA or by religion.  So, that everyone would blame the Jews for what they were doing to the globe and to our country.   Of all those that call themselves Jews globally,  only 10% are Semitic Biblical jews, both by DNA and by religion.  They use the torah, while the khazars use the pagan Babylonian Talmud and you can see the difference.   The Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible) is the foundation of Both Muslims and Christianity as well as Judaism.

Lets not forget it was Johnson who did the USS Liberty, in cahoots with the Israeli khazar zionists.  Since they have taken over Israel they have never been our ally.   They are not now either.  They simply use our military and our kids as their army to do their dirty work and our children pay for it in blood.

Now that women are forced into combat, we will have even less children due to either deaths, or maiming of our carriers of our babies.   The Aryan population world wide is now down to only 6% of the entire planet.   Ponder that for a while and realize that is why these satanists kill millions of Christians whenever they take over a nation, and these happen to be white, and the highest percentage of  RH negative on the planet.  So what about these RH negs/Christians scares the khazar zionists?  That is what I am trying to find out.  

What these zionists did to JFK for Johnson, on the left, is what they also tried to do to Reagan on the right, for their plant, Bush Sr., the resident khazar President, according to his wife. He was also related to the khazar Queen of England.   Or should I say "Sherff".  Fortunately, they failed to kill Reagan, but the damage was done.  He knew he was a target and Nancy Reagan cut a deal with Bush Sr.  If they let Ronnie live, that he would do their bidding.

I remember, when Ronnie had pressure on him to select Bush as VP for running against Carter and he refused and continued to refuse since he did not trust him.   Well, Rockefeller called and had Reagan come up to New York to see him and he went, and when  he came back down, he announced his VP was Bush.  I would love to know what threat Rockefeller did to Ronnie to get him to accept Bush.  He probably ran the Zapruder film of JFK's assassination.

I am glad I lived when I did  so I can tell you about it all, as I experienced it.  I knew then that both parties were gone.  I knew the bankers were the bad guys, but I did not know that Rothschild and Israel were the enemies until the USS Liberty.  Video was good, but it overrated Johnson.... he was indeed the worst President we ever had and the Kissinger Presidency under Nixon was the next worse Presidency. Obama, under Zbig, is now trying to beat both of them as worst President of the USA.  Oh, one last comment,  Johnson was a traitor for what he did to start the vietnam war, and his part in the USS Liberty, killing American Sailors.

The Johnson Years and the end of the Great Society
By Jim Hardhammer,  Renegade Tribune,  March 5, 2015
Lyndon “Bullshit” Johnson was probably the worst President America has ever had. He started the WAR on Vietnam on the pretext of a phony attack on an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin, and caused the deaths of fifty eight thousand Americans and millions of Vietnamese.  (VN: After Johnson, the Kissinger administration left thousands of our (POW & MIA's) our children and spouses behind,  to act as slaves to rebuild Viet Nam.  



VN: CONTINUED - Notice when these guys talk about Johnsons re-election chances, there is not one word about the USS Liberty, where Israel attacked the USS Liberty and was suppose to sink the ship with all hands on board, and Johnson had already sent planes to bomb Egypt for Israel, as that was who was to be blamed for the attack.... but sailors survived because a Russian ship came to their rescue and those alive spilled the beans on who "really" attacked us and Johnson got caught being complicit in it! He had to cancel his orders and recall the planes because of the survivors.  My gosh, they were white washing and using deception all the way back to 1967, a year before Johnson announced he would not run. Israel had Johnson by the short hairs.  He did what he was told to do)
He also pushed through a “civil rights” Bill in 1965 that forced the integration of all White Americans with crime prone Negroes, thus virtually destroying the old White Aryan Republic.  The Jewish sponsored Immigration Act that same year drove a stake through the Heart of the Old America from which it would never recover.   (VN: I remember when he did that, through busing from black neighborhoods to white schools and the biggest complaint was from the black community who wanted to have their kids in their neighborhoods around their family and friends.   There was some grumbling from the racists in the white community, but it was mostly from the black community and eventually the busing stopped.)
LBJ was such a scum bag that he would actually conduct interviews with Newspaper Reporters while he was sitting on the toilet, taking a dump.  Some folks thought that he may have had some JEWISH  (VN:  Khazar) DNA.  At any rate, he did the Jews (VN: Khazar Satanic Zionists) dirty work better than any US President before or since (VN: except for Obama and Bush).
I remember March 31, 1968 very well.  I was on a Plane bound for Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam.  The Pilot announced that President Johnson had just announced that he would not seek another term.  All the guys on the plane started cheering.  I guess they thought that the war would be over soon now.
Alas,  it was not to be.  Tricky “Fart Face” Nixon,  served his JEWISH (VN: khazar) Masters well.  He continued the slaughter for several more years.  The battle cry of thousands of Draft Age White Men was “DICK NIXON, BEFORE HE DICKS YOU”.
In the Spring of 1975, the VICTORIOUS Armies of Ho Chi Minh marched in the streets of Saigon.  The Longest War had finally ended.  LBJ and the Military Industrial Complex had their splendid little WAR, and destroyed the Old America at the same time.  WAS LYNDON A GOOD OLD BOY OR WHAT?

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