Destroying Cultural Sites: Something ISIL and US Army Have in Common

Vatic Note:   This will probably surprise you, but this article is not done by "the people" of Europe, rather by Rothschild owned Reuters.   So what is the purpose of equating the US army with ISIL, and then not mentioning that Israel created ISIL along with MI6 and the CIA who all trained and funded them.   Remember?  They used to be called ISIS.   And the ISIS  was formerly called "Al Qaeda".

So those destroying these artifacts are Britain, Khazar occupied Israel and dual Israeli citizens in the USA.   Secrets go with artifacts and those have been controlled by the bankers and zionists for centuries, but now they are starting to come out and that is why they want those destroyed so we don't find out anymore than we have already. They have always controlled history, but with the internet, they are losing that control.   Makes me wonder if there is a star gate they are trying to hide???

Notice as a new Terrorist name emerges to replace the exposed previous bogus terrorist group, then the NWO cabal pulls out a new name, same guys, different name to start the game all over again.  They truly do think we are stupid.   Ok, so what this is all about (remember there are multiple reasons they do anything), is to make American military look like a bunch of ignorant know nothings and thus we are barbaric and violent and no different than the so called terrorists.

Good fodder used on Hitler during his time in WW II as well.   Same players controlling the game,  International Zionist bankers. World War III to look exactly like WW I and WW II and why?   Because these khazars lack imagination, creativity and are afraid.  Now you know why its important not to be afraid.  It will make you make bad decisions.

Destroying Cultural Sites: Something ISIL and US Army Have in Common 
by Admin,  Sputnik News,  March 11, 2015
A former US Foreign Service employee reveals the scale of the destruction of ancient artifacts in Iraq during the occupation of the country.

As Iraqi officials are estimating the extent of the damage done by the Islamic State militants  (VN:  Israel, British and American paid bogus terrorists...) to one of the country's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the ancient city of Hatra, a former US Foreign Service employee, Peter van Buren, has revealed that the US Army also wrought a lot of damage to some of the country’s historical landmarks.
 On Saturday, Islamic State  (VN:  Israeli, American and British paid.....) militants started destroying the 2,200-year-old site, having looted all of the ancient gold and silver coins that had been preserved.

Several days earlier, the Iraqi government said that ISIL fighters had attacked the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud in northern Iraq and bulldozed it with trucks.

But as it turns out, the ISIL fighters are not the only ones who damaged sites in the Tigris and Euphrates valleys.

A former US Foreign Service employee, Peter van Buren, who was embedded with the US Army in Iraq in 2009, has revealed that the US also contributed to the destruction of ancient places.

A Polish soldier walks back to his tent just outside the ancient City of Babylon, 80 km (50 miles) south of Baghdad, Iraq on Wednesday July 16, 2003
A Polish soldier walks back to his tent just outside the ancient City of Babylon, 80 km (50 miles) south of Baghdad, Iraq on Wednesday July 16, 2003
“Early in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, US Marines built a helicopter pad on the ruins of Babylon,” van Buren writes in his article for the Reuters.

“They filled sandbags with archaeological fragments, pulverized ancient pottery and bricks engraved with cuneiform characters and christened the place Camp Alpha.”

“The scale and intent were obviously different from what the Islamic State  (VN: Homeland Security directed ........ ) is doing, but a loss is a loss, in big bites or small ones,” he adds.

Peter van Buren also wrote about how the country’s ancient villages, which he calls “tells”, attracted the US soldiers, who would sometimes drive their military SUVs there, doing “donuts” and enjoying kicking up dust plumes.

“People said that when the US Army first built the forward operating base and dug up truckloads of dirt, soldiers found ancient skulls and long bones,” he wrote. “You could sometimes still spot old bones in the earthen barriers protecting the base". 
The Army used one ancient tell nearby for artillery practice, blowing off most of its top. As one soldier said, 'If it’s old and already broken, why does it matter if we shoot at it?' That same area was turned over to the Iraqis, who use it today as a live-fire exercise zone. Forward Operating Base Hammer is still open for business, now as a depot for the M1A1 tanks the United States is selling to the Iraqis. I’m not sure of the status of what’s left of the on-base archaeological site.” 

On Monday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the reported destruction of Hatra by Islamic State extremists a war crime, and called on the international community to protect cultural artifacts.  (VN: can you already hear the rewriting of history beginning?  I can. Everything will be blamed on the phoney terrorists and the American military)
But nobody so far commented on the leftovers from the US Army. Baghdad's Iraqi Museum was plundered in 2003 shortly after the city capitulated to American troops, prompting widespread censure that nobody had taken steps to protect its world-class collection of Sumerian and Babylonian artifacts.
The museum, which re-opened several weeks ago, estimates that approximately 15,000 items were taken in the chaos. Only one-third have been recovered.  (VN: thats easy,  get them from the Israeli's who were in Bagdad as soon as we took it over and they are the only ones who cared about getting rid of them to change the history of the area.  I hear the changes already. Many of us just went through the shock of finding out WW II and WW I were not as indicated in the history books. But guess who owns the publishing companies?  Your right!!!!)

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