Federal judge bars AZ sheriff from enforcing immigration and identity theft laws

Vatic Note:  Can you imagine that???   A judge, IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,  saying, basically, that its ok to enter the USA illegally with no check for any criminal record,  and that its ok to use someone elses identity to do so.   In fact, the judge is legalizing identity theft.  Now how bizarre and far out have we gotten with our legal system.

It almost reminds me of the Zionists perverted Talmudic legal system.  I am certain we will soon get laws that legalize pedophilia and  houses of prostitution and will be allowed to legally kidnap women and force them into prostitution,  as long as they are kidnapped from another country and not this one.   I swear, that is in their book of laws called the Talmud  and its exactly how prostitution is legally run in Israel.

What this is really all about is bringing in workers used to being used as slaves who will work for nothing here and then forcing Americans to work as slaves if they want to compete for those jobs against illegals, if they want to survive and live.   In Mexico there is a chain store from America that does not pay their baggers,  so the workers bag groceries or other items and carry them out to the customers car and they get tips only.  No salary or hourly wage.  It is what they want us to work for.  Look at what they are doing to the Chinese.   Its blatantly FASCISM.  This is all about FASCISM on the march in America.  CORPORATIONS that are owned by the bankers are the ones doing all this.  

Have we all had enough of this or what?   I think perverted countries should stay home and be perverted to their own and leave the rest of us alone.   If their own don't care, then so be it.  Let them immigrate to Mexico since they obviously don't care and also need slave labor, which is why this is all happening.   But we do care  and we don't want their system of justice in anyway.   Its too perverted and far out there to suit us.  We are a Christian based society, not a satanic based society, so take your evil "satanic" perversions and ply them elsewhere,  NOT HERE.  YOU GO, JOE!!!!   DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND IGNORE THE PAID OFF JUDGE. 

Federal judge bars AZ sheriff from enforcing immigration and identity theft laws 

(NaturalNews) A federal judge has once again blocked Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio from ordering raids of employers with the aim of detaining undocumented immigrants who have used stolen identities to work, under the provisions of two state identity theft laws.

U.S. District Judge David Campbell ruled that the raids by Arpaio and his department were likely unconstitutional and against federal law, Courthouse News Service reported.

Campbell's ruling stemmed from a June 2014 lawsuit filed by Puente Arizona, a civil rights organization that challenged the constitutionality of the raids by Arpaio. Also named in the suit were Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Robert Halliday, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

As reported by Courthouse News:

"Arpaio used the state laws, which criminally punish people who use another person's identity to secure a job, to conduct his workplace raids.

Arizona House Bill 2779 in 2007 created a new offense of aggravated identity theft for people using false information or the information of another person. Arizona House Bill 2745 supplemented the act in 2008 by adding the intent to gain employment as part of the offense.

The sheriff, who has a history of being thwarted by federal courts and the Obama Administration, announced in December that he planned to disband his immigration investigation unit by the end of January or by early February, after it completed an ongoing theft investigation."

"We lost our fear"

Campbell, in his ruling, said he nevertheless found that the civil rights group had standing to continue its suit against Arpaio, despite his decision to disband the unit. Other law enforcement entities in Maricopa County could still enforce the state's laws, including Montgomery, which Campbell said placed the members of the class at risk of prosecution.

"First, many Puente members, including leaders, have reduced their participation in Puente's activities because the identity theft laws have caused financial difficulties and made them afraid of arrest and retaliation," Campbell wrote. "Second, Puente has diverted substantial resources to respond to the workplace raids through which the MCSO has enforced the identity theft laws."

Noemi Romero, a plaintiff in the suit, was arrested during a raid in 2012. She said she never thought the day would come when Arpaio and Montgomery would be taken to court.

"We lost our fear and made this lawsuit happen, and now others in our community won't have to suffer like we did," Romero said in a statement.

Campbell also found that state laws in Arizona regarding immigration enforcement were pre-empted by federal immigration law, under the Constitution's Supremacy Clause, and that the class-action suit likely would succeed in proving that regulating identity theft by unauthorized and undocumented immigrants was the sole purview of the federal government.

Opponents, in the past, have noted that Arizona law essentially mimics federal law, but that has mattered little to most federal courts in the state.

Law applies equally to citizens and non-citizens, but that doesn't matter

"The Arizona identity theft laws include only a criminal sanction. They make the use of false documents to obtain employment a felony offense punishable by a prison term that may exceed five years," Campbell wrote. "Under the federal scheme, federal authorities have a range of options," which includes issuing penalties, revoking immigrant status or prison terms of less than five years.

The Arizona laws apply equally to both U.S. citizens and illegal aliens, but, Campbell found, the "titles of H.B. 2779 and H.B. 2745 - the 'Legal Arizona Workers' Act' and 'Employment of Unauthorized Aliens' - reflect a clear intent to regulate employment of unauthorized aliens" by the Arizona Legislature.

"This is an enormous victory for our community," Carlos Garcia, executive director of Puente, said in a statement, according to Courthouse News. "Arpaio and Montgomery are being stripped of the tools they use to illegally terrorize immigrant workers and families."

"We hope that justice will continue to prevail, that not one more worker is arrested for providing for his or her family and that the racist, anti-immigrant machine for which Arizona is known is dismantled completely," he added.



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Federal judge bars AZ sheriff from enforcing immigration and identity theft laws

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