The Sheriff Who Sold Out His County

Vatic Note:  In case you have not noticed, they are slowly, but surely taking control of local law enforcement away from the people.   Another gutting of our Constitution that gives Sheriffs supreme control within their county governments for law enforcement and he must be elected by the people. Just one more small step to raising this area into a global condition.   Soon, nothing will be run from this country... it will all be run from Rothschilds England/Israel.  

How we get around this one is recall any public officials who vote to do exactly that.  Then elected someone to replace him who will refuse to do as instructed by those who have no legal authority to order us to do anything.  Non cooperation is the next step, and then the last resort. 

The Sheriff Who Sold Out His County 
Uploaded on Jun 28, 2011
A look into the third layer of government called special districts.

The Salt Lake County has transferred all patrol and investigation services of the Sheriff's office to a district, giving up his control and autonomy over these men. And they are no longer lawful Sheriff's Deputies, and instead have been transferred to become municipal district police of the county.

The Sheriff's Department was officially dissolved on January 1, 2010

The Sheriff was appointed Chief Executive Officer of this district, while still being the elected Sheriff, wearing two contradicting hats.

This is happening everywhere... this is the Federalization of Police and Fire.


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