Toronto Man Takes Action - One Man Protest

Vatic Note:  What we have here is a reminder how all the commonwealth countries are practicing and promoting pedophilia, as is the USA, which is run by the same zionist  khazar bankers that control all the commonwealth countries.   Remember, we did a blog on the Queen and her husband that went to Canada to a religious school for native Americans, and took 14 of them out for a picnic, and 10 of them never came back.  10 years later, their bodies were found buried on the land of the school.  Now the ICCC has been investigating and the Queen has been trying to shut down the ICCC and has gone after Kevin Arnette who began the ICCC.

Here is a link to the blog we did on this way back in 2011.  I find this to be of serious concern that only one man out of millions in Canada that is protesting this state proposed preparation of children to be pedophiled as a matter of course and using the school system to avoid accountability by the parents and prosecution by the Justice system,  IF IT WERE WORKING RIGHT.  Canada is just like the USA right now.  No prosecution of criminal laws for the wealthy,   Prosecution only for the peon, poor and middle class.   Good thing, I am at the library because of would have gone on adinfinitum on this subject.

Toronto Man Takes Action - One Man Protest
By Henry Makow,  February 26,   2015

mugshotL.jpg(left, mugshot of confessed child pornography, Benjamin Levin, former Deputy Minister of Education to Ontario Premier Katherine Wynne, a lesbian who is trying to sexualize Ontario children)

Toronto Man Takes Action - One Man Protest

by "The Shotcaller"

I made for Queen's park. Waiting for the bus, a Police car stopped to inspect my sign or me, I held it up, clear for them to see and gave them a thumbs up.

Also while waiting City Workers tending to overhead phone or power lines saw my sign and one came over to read it. I told him about the creature Levin.

When I got on the bus,, at the first stop an elderly lady got on so I moved back to give her room. She thanked me, saw my sign and commented on how awful the monster Levin looked. When I explained his connection to the freak Wynne she commented how disgusting Wynne and her attempts to abuse children is/are.

Waiting for the train, a young man saw my sign and I gave him the scoop. As we were talking on the train, the conductor/door operator overheard/saw the sign and came out to talk about how terrible the freak Wynne is. We talked about societal corruption until I reached Queens Park many stops later.

When I arrived at Queens Park, there was no one (protesting) there, so I walked the paths away from the building until two Police Officers approached me.

Surprisingly, they were very professional and did not give me a hard time. They explained there is a "designated protest area" which I did not have a problem with as it is right in front of the building. They explained you are supposed to register to protest in advance. They did not make trouble for me for peacefully protesting.

When I explained to them the reason WHY I was there, that we don't want people who like to rape children deciding what they will learn before they even hit puberty, they were very understanding. NO ONE who is not a pervert likes pedophiles.

At one point a cluster of people left the building to their waiting cars out front.  One appeared to recognize the sign and laugh (at what a disgrace Wynne is or just because he's a psychopath I have no idea), the rest of them looked at the floor and scurried into their cars (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil)

On the way home, waiting for a train a young girl approached me asking about the monster Levin.

No one likes a pedophile but people are terrified of being an individual. They need someone to set the example. I informed many people (more than I mentioned) without approaching anyone, simply talking to those who talked to me or stared at my sign for an extended period of time.

Now there are at least 3 Police Officers (If not 5 or more) who know about the pedophile Levin and his connection to Wynne and her curriculum who did not this morning.

Nobody knew about him, everyone despises him when they learn. Aside from those I spoke to, hundreds of people saw the name and face of that subhuman freak Levin on the subway, hopefully he gets a few extra google hits today.
- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2015/02/One-Man-Protest.html#sthash.FmLki3rW.dpuf

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