Poetic Justice? Former Head of Federal Reserve Applies for Mortgage… and Gets Denied

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Vatic Note:   While this "MAY BE" true, this analysis by the Tea Party has me now figuring they have been taken over by the Cabal. I put in vatic notes (VN) within the article when I was so offended by the insulting patronizing and down talking to us, that I was moved to comment.  Up here I will try to limit myself to the subject of  the credit system and its role in bringing down nations, which most third world countries have already experienced.

These African nation third world countries have natural resources that the international bankers have already confiscated through lies, deception, cheating and down right stealing. These natural resources have been fully taken over by the internationalists who see all of us as nothing more than cattle, and too many of them at that.

At best we are "Useless feeders on society" and at worst, we are animals lower than snakes and must be eradicated as soon as safely possible.  If you don't believe me, this photo of Ben Bernanke's facial expressions says it all.  You can read it right on his face.... it screams "you are so stupid you believe everything we say.  That is why you are going to be gone."

Once they have finished with the third world nations, they will begin with Europe and end with the United States and South America.  They have infiltrated top key positions within every 1st world nation on the planet.  They created bogus enemies that they could  use to convince us to fight their war for them against other innocent populations that have nothing to do with the big game.  They even told us in writing and published it for us, what they intended to do, and by golly, they are doing it.

Fortunately,  people are waking up at every level, even the millionaires know the billionaire elite Khazar International bankers will soon be coming after them and extracting all the wealth they gave them to betray their nation.   They do not trust traitors since if they will betray their own country, they won't hesitate to betray foreign occupiers and they know it.  The betrayers will be the next to go. Kiss your millions and jet planes good bye.  Soon you will join us in the bread lines. 

Poetic Justice? Former Head of Federal Reserve Applies for Mortgage… and Gets Denied
By admin,  Tea Party,   October 2014

Ben Bernanke No Refi 
It must have been beyond embarrassing.
Ben Bernanke, former head of the Federal Reserve, one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world, was recently turned down when he tried to refinance his mortgage.

As he confessed to Moody’s economist Mark Zandi at a recent conference: “Just between the two of us, I recently tried to refinance my mortgage, and I was unsuccessful.”

Ben was trying to be funny, but this is a bad joke.
“I’m not making this up”, he said. “I think it’s entirely possible (lenders) may have gone a little too far on mortgage credit conditions.”

Do tell, Ben?

This stunning admission of failure would indeed be laughable if it just didn’t hit home (and our pocketbooks) so much. And it’s a classic case study of well-intentioned government meddling gone awry yet again.  (VN:  Well, "TEAPARTY", if you believe that, then you have NOT been paying attention for the past 10 years.  And that is an indictment against you and who ever has taken you over.  You are not the teaparty I knew in the beginning.)

In fact, it’s a double case study.

The first case occurred way back in the Clinton administration, when government regulators kicked off what would turn out to be a two-decade long, massive “affordable housing initiative” that coerced banks to relax their standard credit practices, putting millions of people into houses they couldn’t afford. (VN:  the international bankers were never coerced, if anything its reversed, they coerced the foreign occupied government to look the other way.  Why do you think they want Hillary Clinton so bad?)

The house of cards finally collapsed, leading to millions of foreclosures and triggering the Great Recession – one of the most serious financial crises seen in a long time.  (VN: As we out here all know,  IT WAS PLANNED THAT WAY.  As FDR said "Nothing in Politics happens by accident,  If it happened,  IT WAS PLANNED THAT WAY DOWN TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL. )

Near panic, government regulators put their learned heads back together to come up with a plan to fix the fiasco they created in the first place. And this is the second case of classic government mishandling and mismanagement.
Pooling all their wisdom, they arrived at the Dodd-Frank act.  (VN:  Give us a break out here.   Do you honestly not understand just how sold out you sound? My goodness,  "Near panic"..... my butt,  as we have proven, it was all planned out to the most minute detail, and it was intentionally leading us to give up control of the planet to those illuminati bloodlines and international bankers to supposedly fix it all.  

You can't use the same vehicle that caused the problem, to then fix it.  That is what Globalizing expects us to accept. We also know "nothing you do is for the "good" of the little people."  Please, do not add insult to injury by treating us like we are stupid or dumb.  I can prove it..... we believe nothing of what you say.  How is that for proof?)

You just can’t make this stuff up. The “Frank” partner in the act is none other than Barney Frank, one of the chief orchestrators and champions of the misguided Affordable Housing Act mentioned above that ended up tanking the economy and causing a near-financial meltdown.

So did the Dodd-Frank act provide the solution to all the economy’s woes, and now all is well?

Not hardly.  (VN: it was never intended to fix anything, it was intended to make is worse.  The reason the "crash" still has not happened is the "powers that be UNDERESTIMATED the wealth of the nation and how broadly distributed wealth is in a free society.   They screwed up and are now 7 years behind their goal and with each year that passes, more and more sheep wake up and vent their anger and the elected, sold out reps and senators are definitely feeling it now.  So, go ahead and put in the opposing party's pigeons that you have picked, and we won't believe them either.  You are toast.)

What it did do was establish new regulations for the financial sector, but in the worst possible way. It not only kept in place government rules forcing banks to lend to un-creditworthy low-income and minority borrowers (the rules that caused the financial fiasco in the first place), but it also punished banks by making it costlier to do business!  (VN: not true, they simply passed the increased cost onto the consumer as they always do.  Give me a break.) 

Again, you just can’t make this stuff up.  (VN: oh, yes you can, we watch it everyday with the "bogus" false flags,  the bogus ISIS, ISIL, HAMAS, AL QAEDA, and other nasties, like the bogus ebola and the Red Cross using vaccines to spread the ebola, and you use all this  to manipulate the sheep into doing your bidding, but its not working anymore.  You have no idea just how "tinny" your disinformation and propoganda sound now that we are waking up.  You are going to have to recruit "REAL PEOPLE" with creativity to come up with new ideas for fulfilling your globalizing plan, since you have proven, you have no soul, thus no creativity, no adaptability, and obviously no imagination whatsoever.   You are so busted, I laugh when I think about and hear tripe like this being promulgated.  You wasted the tea party on this garbage.  Now they are busted and no one will believe them either. Good job!  I could not have asked for anything better for bringing you all down.)

And the new regulations punished regular borrowers as well, many of whom, like Bernanke, find themselves unable to qualify for loans, despite living in the times of so-called “easy money.”  (VN: hahahahahahaaaa,  this is what I mean about how tinny this all sounds, as if we would ever believe it. )

Thanks, Ben. Welcome to the system you helped create. (VN: and thanks Teaparty for exposing your treason so easily.  I am impressed.  I think the shoe now is on the other foot.  I am beginning to believe you guys believe your own propoganda..... how is that for stupid on your part!  LOL )

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