Press Release on August 4, says "..... an Ebola Attack". How and Why did They Know This on August 4 or Before??

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Vatic Note: This uploader, Dark Sky Watcher, really did a great job on analysis of this faux pas by the press secretary doing the release in public. She said this, as someone mentioned, because these Satanists always have to tell us in advance when they plan on doing something to us.  I believe this is what she was doing without even knowing what she was doing.

Once we know about it and do nothing, then they are exonerated from any responsibility.  It was then turned over to us to decide what to do.  I wonder if that would be the defence they would use at trial.  I guess we will never know, since they never prosecute criminals at the highest levels of our society.

Remember, the Ebola Patent by the CDC was filed in 2009.  That is how long this plan has been on the books. Further, that was about when they began distributing those thousands, if not millions of coffins all over the country.   That is a major felony of "Premeditated Murder" and carries a stiff penalty/sentence, if convicted,  of life in prison, or the death penalty, depends on how many die from it.

But given the most recent past, we will probably never know, since crimes at the highest levels are never prosecuted by our sold out, foreign occupied government.  The author of this video presentation made a great catch and was caring enough to publish it for our consideration. I got the feeling that we will have to be our own judicial system soon.

WTF - Did She Just Say Ebola "Attack" 
Published by DarkSkyWatcher74, on Aug 4, 2014
First 1:30 is Audio only then video kicks in. You didn't miss anything but me though lol  

Original press release here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXZbC...


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