These Products Offer Protection from the Many Forms of Chaotic EMF Assaulting Our Bodies and Environments - Part 2 of 4

Vatic Note:  There are many companies that do offer these products and I intend to give you as much info on them as I can.  Part 2 is this company,  Part 3, is another company with great products that a member of my family swears by, and Part 4 is a grid free, Low tech sustainable life protection for your food, water, nutrition and medicine, against EMF, that the Health Ranger is putting out soon.  Part 1 we used to educate you to what EMF is and why you need this protection information.  Once you read that, then this below will make much more sense.

I have a feeling this information is going to be very important to us in the near future, so please print it out and study it, keep it handy, and invest in these products when you can.  Some of these products are for your at home use, and others are good for taking on the road with you.  Some occupations require a lot of travel, such as truck drivers, and thus the mobile products will be appropriate for use on the road. 

EMF Protection Products
by Admin, Safe Space Protection Products

The SAFESPACE™ products offer protection from the many forms of chaotic information assaulting our bodies and environments. Each product addresses toxins in very specific ways to clear and protect one from detrimental electromagnetic fields, earth radiations, as well as other harmful energies. All products are designed to work together. When used in combination a more thorough clearing with deeper layers of protection occurs.

Clear & Protect ENVIRONMENTS

Safe Space I
Single Room Protection
Radiant room is ideal EMF small-space protection and a mobile lifestyle. Clears up to 400 square feet. The Radiant Room hologram holds, conducts and energetically interacts within an environment to harmonize and clear harmful EMF effects. Perfect for clearing school classrooms, hospital rooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, motel rooms or any place you can’t easily use the SafeSpace EMF Adapter.  Read More
Safe Space I
All in One Protection Solution
An all-in-one solution for clearing and protecting an entire home or office space from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. The EMF Adapter works through a building’s electrical circuitry to send a corrective, harmonizing resonance signal throughout the wiring of the entire space. Just plug in one EMF Adapter to protect your entire home or office space!  Read More


Safe Space I
for all Cell & Smart phones, Wireless devices, Appliances & Electronics
Our laboratory-tested SafeSpace Smart Patch has been proven to transform and neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs. When placed directly on devices it radiates a powerful protective field to counter the toxic effects of EMF radiation generated by all cell phones and wireless technologies as well as electronics and appliances. 2 per pack.  Read More

Clear & Protect YOURSELF

Safe Space I
Excellent Shield for EMF Protection
Its 6 foot protective field helps guard you against the toxic effect of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), Wi-Fi, geopathic stress zones, and other forms of environmental stress. The SafeSpace II is designed to be kept on or close to the body. Ideal for work situations and other wi-fi saturated environments, as well as for travel Excellent for anybody who has a mobile lifestyle.  Read More
Safe Space I
Life Force Pendant
Our most comprehensive solution for vibrant well–being as well as personal protection. The Vitaplex Pendant is permanently encoded to clear, protect and energize while supporting your natural ability to rebalance and heal. The pendant also effectviely guards against the impact of environmental stressors and other toxins. Many customers report significant levels of renewed vitality and calming energy.  Read More
Safe Space I
to clear and energize food and liquids
Our Food and Liquid Energizer is designed to restore balance and protect the healing life energy inherent in food and natural beverages. The energetically imprinted holographic pattern also protects supplements, detox formulas, vibrational homeopathic treatments and flower essences. Great Rebalance any food or liquid you consume and protect your supplements from depleting EMF effects and other energetic toxins in your home with this beautiful and effective product that you will enjoy using every day.  Read More

Clear & Protect LAND

Safe Space I
Protect & Heal Your Outdoor Environment
A great solution for clearing and balancing the earth energy on your land. Because toxic earth radiation can negatively impact our home and other interior environments the GeoResonators offer an important level of protection. The GeoResonators clear geopathic stress zones and transmute the negative impacts of ground current and other sources of harmful earth radiation. Plant GeoResonators (4 in a matrix) around parks, gardens, offices and neighborhoods. They immediately resonate with eachother infusing the treated area with a healing, life supporting energy field. Trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables and animals can all benefit! 4 per package  Read More
Watch for parts 3 an 4 for more options and information.

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