Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to? David Icke

Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to?  David Icke
Uploaded by Bilzerian Report, on Jan 12, 2012

David Icke reveals some facts about Rothschild Zionism in America and around the world. (VN: and he does it in a manner that only he can do..... its outstanding and great, truthful, and blunt assessment of those doing great harm, The Rothschilds,  to others.  Did you know there are now only 2 Middle east countries that are not on the fiat currency band wagon, and I suspect we will go after them soon, if Rothschild's Israeli khazar operatives here in the US have anything to say about it.  

Example:  Iraq was on gold backed currency before the Bush invasion in 1991, and they're now on fiat currency.   Iran and Syria are the only ones left that are on gold backed currency. If Obama goes after Syria or Iran than you know who runs our country and it isn't Obama.)


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