Hoax Exposed: U.S Troops Posing As ISIS Terrorists: Astonishing Picture Released From British MP George Galloway

Vatic Note:   Hah, that works both ways.  Here is another explanation.  George Galloway, who has been a thorn in the side of the globalists, releases a photo that proves the US Army is involved in the ISIS attacks.   The powers that be freak out and photoshop an "original photo" showing it does not exist, thus its a misinformation in reverse, so the question is "Which is it?"   I do not know, nor can I tell if and when such photo shopping either way has occurred. 

Because we can't tell, the only thing we can do is use deductive reasoning until evidence pushes us over one way or the other.  So how do we do that?  We make factual statements that have been proven.   Here are some examples:

1.  Has the US Government and Rothschild's Israel ever lied to us before about rebel groups that they may have funded?   The answer is "YES".
2.  Have we had proof of many of those groups being funded by Israel and the foreign occupied US?  Al Qaeda ring a bell? YES!
3.  Have we had proof that Obama has many dual Israeli citizens in Homeland Security and the white house in key positions in military and intel, running such groups,  YES!
4.   Have we ever had proof that the US foreign occupied gov has done photo shopping of bogus evidence to affect public opinion? YES!   (Does Sandy Hook ring a bell?) 
5.   Have we ever had proof that George Galloway has lied to us and engaged in photo shopping in the past in order to affect the USA public to believe one way or another?  NO!

With the above facts, then you can deduce that the best evidence suggests that our scenario is more likely than the one offered in this article.  This is why "critical thinking skills" are so important and have been removed from our education system.  In fact, its the opposite.  Kids are no longer allowed to question anything.

Its no longer "education", rather "indoctrination".  I worry about losing this battle, because the generation coming up will have no skills with which to counter these inhumane, insane, satanic creatures that want to run the globe in the same manner that they run Hollywood.

This is called "Critical thinking" skills and they used to teach it in schools, but now they don't.  Its a lost art these days.  For instance,  there is more proof of the innocence of Muslims committing acts of terror against the US, than there is of their complicity.  In the end we found out that Saudi Arabia  uses their people to aid and abet Israel in their various failed false flags, so in that sense yes, but they worked for others and not for radical muslims.

We also found out that Israel actually created the Muslim brotherhood and the new leader of Eygpt is an Israeli dual citizen of Egypt.  Coincidence?  There are no coincidences, only planned deception.  FDR warned us, "there are no accidents in politics, if it happened it was planned down to the most minute detail".  So now its up to you to decide.   This is where the danger is.  If one does not use the skills necessary to make the proper deductions, then mistakes are made and we will pay for them dearly.

Hoax Exposed: U.S Troops Posing As ISIS Terrorists: Astonishing Picture Released From British MP George Galloway
By Josey Wales,  Before Its News,  Sept 8, 2014

This Astonishing Photo has just been tweeted by British MP George Galloway; it’s astonishing because it suggests that  US troops are posing as ISIS TERRORISTS…

So are there factions within the US military and government who are engaged in terrorism?

If so, it’s not difficult to see now how easily ISIS will enter into America, especially if there are those within her own military and government willing to facilitate the terror!!!

Editors Note: This has not been substantiated yet, but upon further research British MP George Galloway has a history of tweeting this type of information in the past.   (VN: please provide evidence he has done so.  I have never seen any before, so it never made it out to the public)

Update: Upon further research it seems this is a photo shop hoax, the following link will take you to the original photo. (VN: it takes you to the telegraph Newspaper owned by the Barclay brothers,  Barclay bank..... an international bank and a key reporter moved from Murdocks owned Daily mail to the Telegraph right after the Barclays bought out the paper.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.  FDR made it clear as did the protocols when buying up all the papers was outlined in protocol #12. To me, that supports even more, my scenario since the "circumstantial evidence" for Galloway far outweights the evidence against him. So, for now, I will stick with this proof of Galloways as being real, until I receive such other evidence that proves otherwise.  The US military is the ISIS, or should I say the infiltrated US Military.  Remember the massive purging of our top officers in the Pentagon?  That was another proof that leadership in the military has changed and now we have soldiers pretending to be terrorists and committing such acts of terror against unarmed civilians?  What kind of warring is that?  A war crime.)

The original photo looks like this.

ISIS fighters drive around Mosul in vehicles taken from Iraqi security forces

(VN:  Notice the caucasean white arm??? and white hand of the guy carrying the box?  Just more evidence on behalf of Galloway, so who really did photoshopping? I think its the powers that be!)
Just one example of how quickly misinformation spreads on the internet.

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