VATIC ALERT: BEFORE ITS NEWS IS A DISINFO SITE: Zionist trolls are massive over there and they censored my Responses!!!

My response to BEFORE IT'S NEWS CENSORSHIP and allowing Zionist trolls to control the entire response to the Diana revelations.

Ok, now I know for a fact that it is Before It's news doing the censoring.  I used to think it was the author, but now I know its the site.  Thanks for telling me in this manner.  YOU ARE FOLLOWING THE PROTOCOLS BY TRYING TO DEFLECT ATTENTION FROM THE KHAZAR ZIONIST INTERNATIONAL BANKERS TO THE VATICAN WHICH HAS BEEN INFILTRATED, BUT DOES NOT CONTROL WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW.  Its Rothschild and the illum families who are satanists that do all the controlling of this agenda...... this is a spiritual battle between satan and God.  And the faux Israeli's are the operational implementation arm of this satan spawn upon this earth.

If you don't let this one up as well, then I will post this whole thing over on my blog.  Your choice........ This comments section is loaded with Zionist trolls.  Amazing.  Sad, since you were a good source for information, but now you have started the censorship.  too bad.

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