Hackers steal personal data for 25,000 Homeland Security employees -

Vatic Note:  My, how in the world did this relatively new Department obtain 25,000 employees in such a short time and what in the heck are they doing that requires such a vast number?  "Homeland" means "domestic", so why do we have so many on "Domestic' instead of foreign?   Is this as stated, like Hitlers storm troopers?  Given billions in ammo rounds they purchased, its beginning to look like they intend to use them for domestic purposes.  We obviously have military for foreign problems, so this must be domestic.  Now that is a scary thought.

This issue leads to another thought:  What if these were stolen by someone within their group?  There is a battle going on at the top of the heap and it has been proven that Zionists basically run Homeland Security, so if the partner they had such as fascists are not happy with the way the Zionists are running things or they believe they are going to be done away with so that only the Zionists will rule, then this could be subversion within their own group.  I don't see any of the rest of us doing anything like that.  We are still too comfortable.

Add that to the disarming the government has been trying to do, and it looks like a perfect storm for establishing a dictatorship.  I hope I am wrong about that, but that is how it looks right now.  Add to all that, the fact that Homeland security has been conducting "drills" at the same time actual events are "supposedly" occurring like Sandy Hook, for instance.  Same with the Boston Massacre.  Drills at the same time and in both instances "gun control" was the end result.  It worked in Boston, but no where else.

Also remember, that sex perverts were working for TSA and taking the copies of the ex-rays of the passengers moving through our airports.  I keep thinking of the children they were fondling as well.  Was that just personal pedophiles on a holiday or was it intended to desensitize our children to being fondled by authority figures?  Time will tell, since we can't know which without more evidence.

Suffice it to say that Homeland security reminds me of nazi Germany.  Hitler said in his introductory speech when he created the Gestapo, created after a false flag attack on the parliament,  that they were for the "SECURITY OF THE HOMELAND".   An interesting connection to the name of the department we created after 9-11.  So far, it looks like they are the problem and not the solution.  But that is for another blog.

The foreign country could be China, but given our past history I would bet its Israel, since they also have been parallel spying on Americans, with their own Utah type NSA building in Jerusalem. Its similar to them spying on those 25,000 employees of homeland "gestapo" security.  Just a thought.  Lots to consider here.

Hackers steal personal data for 25,000 Homeland Security employees 
By Admin,  Blacklisted News,  Sept 1, 2014

USIS, the Department of Homeland Security’s contractor for conducting security clearance background checks, has had the personal records of at least 25,000 of its employees stolen because of hackers, and the hackers may have been from a foreign country, according to the Associated Press (AP). (VN: owned by Reuters, which is owned by Rothschild.... so keep that in mind with this accusation, why are they telling us, if it hurts them?)

AP’s source was an unnamed DHS official who told AP that Homeland Security would soon let employees know if their personal information had been stolen and encourage them to check their financial accounts.

USIS provides the most background investigations to the federal government of any company, but the company is being targeted with a federal whistleblower lawsuit because it allegedly "dumped" over 600,000 background checks for security clearances, allowing some clearances to be considered complete although they were not completely conducted.

In March, the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was revealed to have been penetrated by hackers from China, but OPM insisted that no personal data was stolen. The US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT), a subsidiary of DHS, has joined the FBI and other federal officials to investigate the hacker attack on USIS. USIS was the company that was supposed to conduct the background checks for Edward Snowden and also for Aron Alexis, the shooter at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., last year.

When hackers steal data from Homeland Security, it’s considered a crime.  When the government steals data from private citizens, it’s called “Homeland Security.” (VN: or its called NSA or Israel, an ally with a history of murdering American soldiers on the USS Liberty, NO WORLD WAR AGAINST ANYONE EXCEPT THE INTERNATIONAL KHAZAR BANKERS IN EVERY COUNTRY)

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