UPDATE-Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order says Jacob Rothschild

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Vatic Note:  I know no more than anyone else about Putin, but I can deduce some things that might make sense.  First,  He would not have reached as high up as he has, just like in America, if he had not been one of them and on their side. He would never have been head of their intelligence KGB if he was not one of them, and he would never have made it to President.   Does that mean he could not turn on them and betray them?  No, it just means that even if he had, he still has not suffered like others who have betrayed the group.

He is still alive,  as we pointed out before,  and What does it do to public opinion to have a Rothschild condemn you?   If makes him rise up greatly in the eyes of those you are trying to bring down.  As we have said before, Putin is the logical designated person to become the anti-christ and this could be the way to sell that idea to the public.

That is just speculation on my part, but the evil ones have used up Obama who would never make it to that level, and the British have their own set of problems, so that leaves just Putin as the one they may well use.  Just a thought.  So, you watch, read and decide.   I am still on the fence about it for now.  

UPDATE-Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order says Jacob Rothschild
By Admin,  Four Winds 10,  September 6, 2014  

Putin says NO to the NWO which makes Jacob Rothschild a little nervous. He needs Russia on their side to fullfill and complete this Agenda but Putin says NO and will fight against this. Obama is really getting on Putins nerves though because he can't see why he's doing the things he's doing to his own people and warning Americans "Keep your Guns"!!

VIEW HERE - (I just tried to view it and it said "its not available" and that is all it says. No reason why its "not available".  Usually Utube will say its due to uploader taking it down, or violations of copyright, or something else, but never just "not available".  So who knows why its down. I decide to go ahead with it anyway, just to give us an opportunity to pay attention and watch and see.  We will know soon enough if he is really on the outs with the power brokers.  If he will go forward with WW III, against his own people, who will die by the millions,  that will be the telling tale that this is a ruse, but if he refuses to fight WW III then he is betraying them since the powers that be MUST HAVE THAT WORLD WAR to globalize.  They can't do it without that war.  )


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