Ebola – Field Trial in Genetic Engineering Financed by Pentagon?

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Vatic Note:   This is a scientific analysis of the Ebola Virus and Pandemic.  Its done by a German and his accent while, heavy is still understandable and what he says makes perfect sense.   This is a must listen to since we are being inundated with fear "porn" on the subject and this will make it clear, like so many other "fear porn" attempts by our "foreign occupied" government, there is nothing to it, that they did not cause.

(If they do this then we clean house at CDC, even if we have to shut it down to do it.  Then DHS, next, then the Dual Citizens in the White House and congress, and then various military and intel depts.  I am sick of these USS Liberty murderers.)

Remember the "Baxter" pandemic, whose stock was owned by both Rahm Emmanual and Obama??  Well, basically this is the same fear producing event that the avian flu was, that cost the tax payers billions purchasing live virus's contained vaccines, so that those taking it would die from the shot and in fact start the non-existent pandemic.  Had it not been for the chec republic, millions in Europe would have died from the vaccine.

That event is what made me realize I could no longer trust my government or Corporations and that it was acting the way one of our so called allies acts within their own government, like nazi fascists, which was Israel.  I knew then we could trust nothing that they either "say" or "do".   So here is another example and as soon as I heard about it, I knew this was another baxter situation.  This is well worth the listen. 

Ebola – Field Trial in Genetic Engineering Financed by Pentagon?
Published by Michael Leitner on Aug 23, 2014
5 years after the fake with the swine flu: The World Health Organization WHO beats alarm: A fatal virus again threatens the world, this time it is called Ebola. Learn about the persons and facts behind the courtain, follow the money! The whole story may sound like a conspirational theory, but it is REAL!


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