Did the God of Abraham Kill Joan Rivers?

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Vatic Note:  A very unusual obituary of Joan Rivers.  I have never seen Gordon Duff speak out so directly about anyone living or dead.   Now, we know she was killed.  The question is "Was it an accident as the medical staff indicates, or was she murdered for her disclosures about Barack & Michelle Obama, with him being "gay" and her being a transvestite??

I think it was not the God of Abraham, but from what I read about her, she was brutally cruel, vicious, vindictive and hateful, so it would be a consequence of her choices,  if God did do it.  I doubt it was Him though.  It sounds more like Obama's inner circle had Mossad do it.  LOL  Pose as a Dr. and strangle her.  Anyway, this is a very interesting read and perspective on her and her life.  Its worth the read.  

Did the God of Abraham Kill Joan Rivers?
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Infowars, Alex Jones and the fiendish monstrosities of the “entertainment industry” mourn the death of that evil bitch, Joan Rivers.  Before slipping into a coma, a life lived far too long, she advocated the slaughter of Palestinian children, claimed the first lady of the United States was a transsexual and accused President Obama of being as gay as his predecessor.  (VN: well, she was at least right about the dual Israeli Citizens, Obama and his wife)

Rivers was a monster, our biggest concern at this time is to make sure she is still dead.

Her talent, for those who have seen her stage performance in Las Vegas is smut and fart jokes.  At her best, she was boorish, tasteless and vile.

She got worse.  She became a hate ridden monster, a freakish Zionist advocate of mass murder, a purveyor of continual lies, smears, filth and depravity.

Everything wrong about Hollywood or being Jewish is what Rivers represents.
I am ashamed she was an American.  I am ashamed of those who failed to stand against her and the powerful lobby that supported her.

So many decent people die all the time.  So many of them were Jewish including Robin Williams, subject to continual smears.  He was worth a thousand “Joan Rivers.”  Robin Williams was a flawed human being, an American, an addict, hilarious, a man who cared about people, a Jew sometimes, a human being all the time.

Alex Jones says President Obama had Rivers assassinated.  If only it were true.
What Robin Williams wasn’t is whatever Joan Rivers was, who will be mourned, cried over and lied about.  Burn in hell Joan.

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