Army Cuts More Than 500 Majors In Response to Budget Reduction

Vatic Note:   So, this blogger is passing on the official disinfo about why the cuts. Raise your hand if you believe this tripe?  Remember about a year ago, or maybe less we did a blog where the Obama administration cut 92 generals out of the Pentagon?  Then go back and remember,  Cheney purging the CIA and military Intel?  So why?  Who is running our military?    You can guess by who we are invading and sending military weaponry to over in the middle east so they can continue to genocide the Pals and grab those natural gas fields. Same with the Ukraine and their natural gas fields.

Our Pentagon and military are riddled with Dual Israeli citizens, not to mention the Dept of Homeland Security, who have been caught conducting drills before and during various false flags to try and grab our guns.  Remember, Communism is the last step before fascism.   They are skipping the whole communism thing, and heading right into fascism for both the oil/gas companies globally, and the drug/chemical companies globally as well.  (GMO ring a bell?) 

Since when did these dual citizens ever give a s---- about our people, our budgets for humanitarian reasons, etc.   They don't.  If they don't give a damn about their own people in their own country, (Creating and funding Hamas ring a bell?) what makes you think they will give a damn about our people in our country? They gave the rockets to Hamas to use on their people.  Nice, huh?  Manipulators and proud of it.  Sign on Mossads wall says "And by Deception, we will conduct war".

They have an ancient agenda beginning with the Tower of Babel.   Well, OK, its a combination of those and the Khazars from Russia where the khazars are located who want revenge.   We have a blog coming up that gives a huge detailed history of these Khazars and once you read the whole thing, you will understand perfectly why those who study history as I have done, can see the clear connection between those in Israel WHO ARE NOT THE ISRAELITES OF THE BIBLE, and the khazars who are the interlopers, deceivers and FASCISTS.

Its my bet that these majors got fired because written orders came down to fire on Americans, now that they can't get our guns.   If these majors are supporters of our Constitution, our nation and our people, then this is why they are gone.  What that does for us, however, on a positive note, is tells us those remaining are not our friends and are clearly enemies domestic.   You know what that means, right????

Once we take back the nation,  then we can rehire them enmass, along with the  92 generals and the purged CIA and FBI intel people.   We have always prevailed against foreign interlopers and we always will,  since this nation was founded in God's name.   The powers that be are also preparing us to lose WW III.

Well, that means we, THE PEOPLE,  will have to stand up and be more than we have ever been.   It will be up to us now.  So start joining your unorganzied militia and start training.   Your life and that of your family may well depend on it.  Good luck.  There is work going on spiritually as well, so don't give up the ship,  we are going to  win.  I have no doubt about it.

Army Cuts More Than 500 Majors In Response to Budget Reduction

Army Cuts More Than 500 Majors In Response to Budget Reduction

It’s always disheartening to see the U.S. make cuts to the defense budget. From its Constitutional beginnings, one of the government’s most important reasons for existing is to provide for the national defense. In true, traditional terms, protecting the American people from enemies foreign and domestic is one of the only reasons for the government to exist. Yet we see the military taking extraordinary budget cuts under the Obama administration even as our enemies around the world multiply and grow stronger.  (Not true, they are growing weaker.  The world is waking up to Israel and who really runs it.).

(VN: That is because our ally, Israel had dragged us into wars by slaughtering thousands of muslims who did nothing to us, and because Israel "STOLE" and sold our plans for the F-22 to China, and also shipped our most advanced patriot missles to china as well.   Then our "corporate, fascist" military industrial complex gave contracts to China to do our weaponry and the Chinese put in the wrong electronics parts and now they don't work.  Gee, what a surprise, if you give "YOUR ENEMY" contracts to build your weaponry, then its no surprise they don't and won't work.  DUH!  Remember, Goldman Sachs is the exclusive brokerage house for China, and 3,000 of the Chinese leaders were educated and trained at the home of the secret Societies, OXFORD, in England where Rothschild runs roughshod over their government.)

Working towards those budget cuts, the Army this week announced that they would be cutting roughly 550 majors from their ranks by next spring. Vice-Chief of the Army, General John Campbell told reporters Friday that communicating this message to troops in the middle of a war zone was no easy task. These are soldiers, after all, who have sacrificed a great deal to be a part of the country’s war efforts, and now they’re being told they are out of a job.

The primary story, though, isn’t one of a humanitarian nature but one of national defense. It’s natural that the military make some cuts in the aftermath of its budgetary explosion of the last decade, but many wonder if the reductions aren’t going overboard.

If Congress isn’t able to put a stop to automatic cuts in the next few years, it is feasible that we could see the Army’s numbers dwindle to a little over 400,000 total troops. At this size, the Army may not be able to wage even a single major campaign over a prolonged period of time.-

There are always arguments for cutting defense spending. The U.S. is one of the most secure countries in the world, relying just as much on a couple of vast oceans for protection as it does on its own military.

Its political power throughout the world makes it an unattractive target for many, and we are known to have technological weapons that can flatten a country in minutes. At the same time, many of our adversaries are weaker than they have been over the last 100 years.

The problem with the current budget cuts is that they aren’t based on a clear, logical assessment of our current threats. How could they be? We still have fires to put out in Afghanistan. Iraq continues to be threatened by the forward march of ISIS.

The situation between Ukraine and Russia may call for U.S. military intervention at some point. North Korea isn’t much of a pertinent threat, but you can’t ignore their saber-rattling altogether. Then there is the ongoing war on terror, a campaign that is more about keeping our heads above water than it is about winning.

We should be doing everything we can to shrink the government down to size, but the military is the last place we should look when it comes to making cuts. It’s easy to get complacent when war is in the background.

If we’ve learned anything from history, though, it’s that new threats can pop up in an instant. We need troops to be prepared and ready when that day comes.

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