A Look at The Magnetic Polar Mystery of Our Planet

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Vatic Note:  I know almost nothing about the pole shifts, but what this article states below makes sense to me.  Having said that,  I am not sure I have seen anything that proves to me there is a "Hollow Earth" anywhere.  Photo shopping has been raised to a high art level.  We see that with false flags all the time.  LOL Anyway, you read and those with scientific expertise can let us know what they think, in the comments section,  about all this.  One question I would want to know is "If there is an incoming star twin, would there be pole shifting occurring?  If so, how would that occur?"

                                                              by Dennis Crenshaw

If our world is solid as we are told common sense tells us that the "magnetic" Poles would be where they belong – at the same spot as the "geographical" poles. However, as we know that is not the case.

"The Magnetic Poles are not fixed spots, but are constantly traveling onwards, executing an unknown path and apparently completing a circle in a period of many hundreds of years. In addition to this onward movement of a few miles a year, there is a lesser daily oscillation". (1)

What do Gardner and Reed, the presenters of The Hollow Earth Theory have to say on this subject?

"in gravitational pull it is not the geometrical position that counts. Center, in the geometrical sense of the word, does not apply. It is the mass that attracts. And if the great mass of the earth is in its thick shell, it is the mass of that shell that will attract, and not a mere geometrical point which is not in the shell but 2900 miles away from it, as that is the approximate distance between the center sun and the inner surface of the earth.
As a matter of fact it is the equal distribution of the force of gravity all through the shell. When we are on the outside of the shell it is the mass of the shell that attracts us to the surface. When we go over to the inside of the shell the same force will still keep our feet solidly planted on the inner side". (2)

So, according to Gardner, it's not some action deep within our Earth which causes gravity and the Earth's magnetism but the rotation of the mass which makes up the crust. To understand where a "magnetic" pole would be if the world were made-up as envisioned by the two fathers of the Hollow Earth Theory we turn to William Reed;

" if the center of the walls of the earth is the center of gravity, then the greatest attraction would be at the poles. [the place where the magnetic pull would be the strongest] "must have been about halfway around the curve, entering the introit of the earth and, if so, was in perfect accordance with the laws of the universe that the center of gravity is strongest at this point". (3)

Gardner agrees with Reed. The magnetic poles would actually form a circle around the pole-hole. Not a "moving" pole as in the accepted theory, but a permanent "ring" around the alleged entrance into the inner lands.   

One Pole -Two Poles -Three Poles - More?

On July 19, 1947 a group of scientists left Ottawa Canada aboard a plane with the mission of finding the exact position of the North Magnetic Pole. Included in the tons of equipment they loaded aboard was "a new instrument that is expected to be helpful in taking magnetic soundings and establishing the northern magnetic field" (4)

On August 17, 1947 The New York Times reported; Polar Shift Confirmed. Canadian Scientists Report a Movement 200 Miles North

Ottawa, Aug. 16, 1947 – The North Magnetic Pole seems to have moved 200 miles north since the year 1909 according to the first findings of four scientists of the Canadian Department of Mines and Resources, who left here by air July 19 in quest of the poles present position." (5)

This seems to fit the accepted theory OK. No surprises here. But then the United States Air Force tried to slide one by us. on Monday, October 20, 1947 the following front page story was carried by The New York Times: All Arctic Is Open To The Air Force; 2 New Poles Found.  Tests show 3 Magnetic Poles Instead of 1, With Center on Prince Wales Island by Anthony Leviero

Washington, Oct. 19, 1947 –
"The Air Force disclosed that it had discovered two new magnetic poles, in addition to correcting the position of the one recognized by science the three poles constitute an elliptical magnetic field" (6)

Upon finding this article in the Jacksonville Florida Public Library microfilm files I had to rush to a dictionary. Just as I suspected, Webster's Seventh defined elliptical as being a "deviation of an ellipse or a spheroid from the form of a circle or a sphere. Ellipse is defined as "an oval". Of course, this is never talked about. As could be expected the article goes on to state "the exact location in latitude and longitude of these important discoveries in terrestrial magnetism were withheld for security reasons, a spokesman said" Under the rug!

However a little bit more of what was found out did slip through the net. In a scientific editorial in The New York Times published on October 21, 1947 we learn;

Magnetic Trinity

" This military study of the polar regions has unexpectedly supplied us with new information on terrestrial magnetism. Observers of the Royal Air Force found that the North Magnetic Poles lies 300 miles north-northwest of its charted position. These findings have not only been confirmed by American Army pilots but have been supplemented with the information there are three magnetic poles in the area 450 miles long by nearly 200 miles wide." (7)

The Poles Explained

Is it just a coincidence that these documented findings fits exactly the description of what the founders of the Hollow Earth Theory said would be found? As with most of the earthly mysteries, the "mysteries" of the poles are easily understood when looked at using the concept of a hollow globe.

The poles do not from spot to spot and there are not three separate poles. This is a classic example of the results of the establishment scientists trying to "fit" the know facts to their "sacred cow" of a theory. The actual explanation is simple. 

As different explorers start over the edge of the lip into the interior lands they think they have "discover" that the pole has moved or that they have "found" a new magnetic pole. It's also possible that they are taking readings from different areas of the circle which surrounds the pole-hole exactly where Reed and Gardner said the magnetic field is located. 

In the words of the author of the Oct.21, 1947 New York Times scientific editorial quoted above; "We begin to understand why explorers have reported that the Magnetic North Pole is elusive and that it shifts its position. But is it shifting? If the three magnetic poles remain fixed, if other poles are found, which is not improbable, we shall have to think of an ellipse-shaped magnetic region." (8)

Another scientific fact which supports the Hollow Earth Theory, yet totally ignored by the "experts".

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