Sen. Paul Introduces Stand with Israel Act of 2014

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Vatic Note:   Oh, dear, its a bit of an understatement to say that  as a previous Ron Paul supporter,  I am a bit "miffed" at Rand for this Unbelieveable sell out below.  If this were to pass, think about it,  no restrictions on Israel who has already unilaterally bombed Palestinian men, women, and children in Gaza with little or no consequences for doing so.   Then built settlements against all agreements and international law,  and resettled Khazars from Russia onto Palestinian land.  EXCUSE ME? 

Then, to put in the act a blanket prohibition "a pledge not to go to war with Israel"  is like giving Israel a blank check to decimate the pals where ever they live, which is basically like a genocide free check and ticket to get out of jail free.  So, why did he do it?  Is this another video replay by the Israeli lobby to a US Senator,  of the JFK assassination?  A reminder?  A threat?  What exactly has happened here?  Or maybe a bribery?   Until I know, I won't speculate, but I will continue to ask questions and seek credible answers.  

Sen. Paul Introduces Stand with Israel Act of 2014

Apr 29, 2014
Sen. Rand Paul today introduced the Stand with Israel Act of 2014. This legislation halts all U.S. aid to the Palestinian government until they agree to a ceasefire and recognize the right of Israel to exist. The bill, S. 2265, can be found HERE and below:

"Today, I introduced legislation to make all future aid to the Palestinian government conditional upon the new unity government putting itself on the record recognizing the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state and agreeing to a lasting peace."

"Prohibition on Foreign Assistance."

(a) In General.  Except as provided under subsection (b) and notwithstanding any other provision of law, no amounts may be obligated or expended to provide any direct United States assistance, loan guarantee, or debt relief to the Palestinian Authority, or any affiliated governing entity or leadership organization.

(b) Exception.  The prohibition under subsection (a) shall have no effect for a fiscal year if the President certifies to Congress during that fiscal year that the Palestinian Authority has --

Formally recognized the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state;
(2) Publicly recognized the state of Israel;
Renounced terrorism;
(4) Purged all individuals with terrorist ties from security services; (VN: including those financed by Israel, like Hamas, etc.)
(5) Terminated funding of anti-American and anti-Israel incitement;
(6) Publicly pledged to not engage in war with Israel; and
(7) Honored previous diplomatic agreements."

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Anonymous said...

Hi ! If U want to know what happened U have ti translate this - sorry mu english is bad - I have found the answer yes - one week ago - but juste read that :
Just begin ti read at this words : "Le 15 mai 2014, deux adolescents palestiniens, (Cisjordanie - manif') sont tués - un dans le dos - voici les images prises par une vidéo de surveillance - merci de m'informer d'erreurs éventuelles dans la traduction" - and follow me ? Best regards. Françoise G from the south pacific