Scholastic's Children's Books Glorify Homeland Security (Hitler Youth sound familiar?)

Vatic Note: Given the evil ones targeting of Children that we have found in the protocols published yesterday, this was a good one to show the parallel to Nazi Germany run and funded by the bankers, and the same today.   The Gestapo in Germany and Homeland Security in the USA also run by the Khazar Zionists  right in line with what they wrote was their intention, back in 1897. 

That proves just how capable they are of hanging onto an agenda,  and following through with it.  They are focused and single minded and can be defeated the same way..... with focus and single mindedness, by WE, THE PEOPLE.   That is what we have to do again, as we did once before and won.

But for this to work you have to give up the fantasy of the world they created that you carry in  your mind, that does not exist, and begin living in the "real world" were the protectors against terrorism, are the actual terrorists.  If you do not face that fact, then you lose, but if you face that fact, then we move toward focus and singlemindedness, but we also have creativity that they lack, and that will be the deciding factor in who prevails.  We have the upper leg.

Scholastic's  Children's Books Glorify Homeland Security (Hitler Youth sound familiar?


Established in 1920, Scholastic is the largest publisher and distributor of children's books in the world. Scholastic titles are found in thousands of schools and libraries across America, and also internationally.

It's Orwellian sounding history book series, 'Cornerstones of Freedom', contains many items with a Marxist-Globalist slant. The putrid vomit is sold to gullible parents, teachers, and administrators as "American History".

Most disturbing of all the titles is one of its 2012 releases, entitled 'Homeland Security', in which the HS & TSA Army of liberty-killing goons are glorified for their work in border protection, airline security, and disaster response.

There is of course the watered down, obligatory "concern" expressed about "balancing security and freedom", but all in all, HS is portrayed as indispensable and good.

Naturally, the 9/11 fairy tale is also invoked as justification for the existence of the HS. A previous book is entitled 'America's Struggle with Terrorism'.

No mention is made of Homeland Security's massive domestic military buildup, its lack of Congressional oversight, its 100's of millions of hollow point bullets, its fully automatic machine guns, its rapid militarization of local police, its 2000 armored vehicles, its helicopters, and its drones.

With puff pieces such as this being shoved down our children's throats, it won't be long before the sheeple of America welcome a Homeland Security martial law scenario with open arms!

Children's Books Glorify Homeland Security

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