Does a Public Defender work for "you" or the "Court system"?

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Vatic Note:  This below shows just how seriously we are under attack by a foreign occupied system that has no idea how our system has worked over these many years..... or maybe they do...... and are attacking it up front and directly.  I have to say I have seen a lot of this that is below, in our own podunct little system here and its not pretty.

I had read years ago and posted it, that they planned on "enslaving" us, and how they intended to do it,  was with 1. the Tax base, including Universal health care, and the carbon tax, both of which are serious killer taxes.... 2. raising our utility rates,  3. gas prices, 4. food prices and now its obvious from this below, what the final coup de grace will be..... 5. No real representation, for us, rather representation for the system at the expense of true justice and fairness in the court system.  Remember, all lawyers are officers of the court and members of the British Bar system.

They plan on using the traffic laws to extort the remaining wealth we have earned through our labor, and to do so with laws for offenses that have "NO VICTIM" like seat belt laws.  They actually wrote it up that once they are done extracting all our wealth earned by our labor, that we will not have enough to have a life.  No family,  no vacations,  no advanced education for our children, etc.

They simply want us to slave labor until we are about 40, and then LET the GMO, CHEMTRAILS, and other bioweapons by genotype, take us out through our organ deterioration at about the age of 40. Thus they can confiscate our retirement like they did in 2008 when they extracted 2.7 Trillion dollars from our 401K retirement accounts. I honestly believe, the Enron fiasco was a trial run on just that issue.  They got away with it. No prosecutions, no trials, etc.

It is becoming patently clear that "WE ARE THE ONES WHO WILL HAVE TO SAVE US AND RESTORE THE SYSTEM TO A FUNCTIONING LEVEL. " Its time some serious jail time is suffered by these international mafia people and we must build a parallel a system that does it. Europe's underground did it during WW II.... Citizens arrests, citizens grand juries, militias to back up our Sheriffs, and act as enforcement for the people etc. Its time to start thinking outside the box, folks.

Can’t Afford a Lawyer?
by STew Webb, Veterans Today

The Kansas Supreme Court will soon be deciding whether a citizen can plead his innocence in our post constitutional world.  The court’s own justices have already submitted the citizen’s attorney, Dennis Hawver to prosecution and disbarment for following his client’s instructions to lawfully deny the charges of murdering two women and repeatedly shooting a third. For which, Kansas sought the death penalty.

Now that attorney will be appearing before the very judges that made the complaint against him and attempting to defend himself against disbarment for making the arguments his client Phillip Cheatham had the constitutional right under the Sixth Amendment to make.

None of the Kansas Supreme Court justices have recused themselves from the disbarment proceeding despite having been judges in Cheatham’s appeal for a new trial.  Phillip Cheatham is still facing murder charges and could not testify in his former attorney’s disbarment proceeding for fear of compromising his defense in the new trial which will start January 5th, 2015.

Dennis Hawver and Phillip Cheatham

Cheatham’s death penalty case kept evidence of other persons at the home of the murdered victims and who were later interviewed by the City of Topeka Police for their knowledge of the events they witnessed out of the evidence before the court. The addresses and location of these witnesses were withheld from Cheatham by the City of Topeka Police. The Kansas Supreme Court judges were never made aware of the direct risks to Cheatham’s family members and his own life that constrained his defense.

During the time period of the murders charged against Cheatham, the US Attorney’s office refused to prosecute criminal cases brought by City of Topeka Police because the evidence was compromised or mishandled. The police department under its former chief had spent several million dollars in drug enforcement without meaningful results and had also squandered the drug buy money dedicated for setting up entrapment operations.

An investigation of the City of Topeka Police Department was initiated by the State District Attorney Robert Hecht and a lengthy misconduct report was issued in response to witnesses reporting that the City of Topeka Police Department had covered up the over one million dollars in drug buy money by directing investigators to sit down one Saturday night and write false criminal reports on people and to throw the false reports into a grocery bag where the City of Topeka Police Department then took the reports to have the individuals falsely prosecuted. 

(VN: we discussed this in another vatic note we did on another blog.  This is proof that what we said was accurate.  DEA was for the purposes of controlling and getting rid of the competition in drug running and money laundering for the Bush Mafia and his foreign handlers. And the description he just did on how they were doing it, is right above this VN:  Read it again. And the real perversion is these mafia types that run our country through the banking system, uses our tax dollars to commit these crimes and support their illegal drug operations to finance their various black ops. "And by deception, we will conduct war", and they are doing it. ) 

The State District Attorney Robert Hecht’s report on October 21, 2005 omitted these details and the names of the many Topeka citizens that were falsely prosecuted, some of whom are still imprisoned, due to the liability for Shawnee County and the city.

The three women were targeted for murder because they were selling crack cocaine on the street lower than the approved cartel price. City of Topeka Police officers visited a local drug boss Tracy M. Smith who was permitted to sell crack cocaine out of her store TeRay Clothing in a prominent retail district because of her approved status by the cartel and advised her to stop the three women from undercutting the cartel rate.

The store owner claimed her connections in Kansas government, including then Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius kept her from being prosecuted though she had been previously connected with other deaths required to enforce the lucrative Kansas crack cocaine trade.

A federal criminal investigation of the store owner was also used to block state investigation of the store owner and the drug distribution and prostitution network that included inmates and former inmates from the Kansas women’s prison and members of a state/federal task force.  (VN:  I just discussed this in another vatic note about the new American economy, now that our manufacturing has been transferred to slave labor countries and this is our new economy, illegal drugs, Bush mafia, bankers and thus system support for the criminals... its the source of black ops so they don't have to report to congress, etc. check it out here in this vatic Note where I list it all, and see if this does not fit perfectly what is going on in this court room in Kansas)

The store owner Tracy M. Smith was not investigated or prosecuted for her role in the murders despite City of Topeka Police use of evidence including phone records made before and just after the shootings to the store owner’s house. (VN: gee, what a surprise, lol)

Just before the capital murder trial of Cheatham, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutionally applied in Kansas. The State Attorney General Phil Kline (later targeted by the same state supreme court justices for disbarment over enforcing laws against the rape of children), however sought a United States Supreme Court review of the Kansas Supreme Court judgment that the state’s death penalty was unconstitutional. The Kansas Supreme Court judgment was overturned.  (VN: now you know why good people are afraid to do their systems jobs?  It costs them dearly and that is a high price to pay.  Soon there will only be those who want to cooperate with the mafia for the right price and we will be left with few choices.  No wonder they need our guns, given the way this is all going.  The raping of children is in the  Talmud, in case you missed it.  It forbids the "raping of children UNDER THE AGE OF 3.5 years old.  Nice, huh?  SICK.  INSANE.  and now you know why I do this blog.)

The Kansas Supreme Court justices believe it is unlawful for an attorney to accept a promise to pay attorneys’ fees in a criminal defense. In the new and better world of Kansas after the constitutional republic ended, a citizen’s right to the attorney of his choice under the Sixth Amendment no longer exists.

Only the State of Kansas can competently defend a citizen in court from the State of Kansas trying to put them to death. In the view of the Kansas Supreme Court justices, a conflict of interest is created when a citizen is accused of murder and faces the costs of Psychological evaluations to provide a basis for lessening the death penalty and other expert testimony required by persons pleading guilty.

The conflict of interest in the Kansas Supreme Court justice’s minds stems from the fact that a private attorney does not have the money to maximize the defense of someone who committed the murder and wants to get off with a lesser sentence. Dennis Hawver only had a realistic chance of being paid for Cheatham’s defense if Cheatham was found innocent.

Other states and the United States Supreme Court have only found a conflict of interest exists when a defense attorney does not defend or follow the instructions of his client in deference to the interest of the state prosecutors.

The City of Topeka later replaced its police chief and instituted new community policing policies that drastically reduced its violent crime rate, exasperated by the practice of state judges releasing violent offenders on their “own recognizance” after paying a cash fee to the court. Tracy M. Smith was prosecuted and convicted by the US Attorney in 2007 for running a drug distribution network out of home and her retail store where a few police officers and Smith had controlled who was permitted to sell street drugs in the city. 

The City of Topeka Police’s new standards for effective community policing and swift responses to calls in neighborhoods it had once abandoned after dark and on weekends has not been without repeatedly paying the highest price individual officers can pay for protecting their city. The legacy of the department’s corrupt narcotics unit and state judges who diverted bail bond money into a special unaccounted for fund has been overcome.

This author was even the beneficiary of City of Topeka Police’s advanced skills in handling terror threats involving weapons of mass destruction and can vouch for their professionalism when he was advised to check out a credible threat made against him by an individual working for FBI Division Five for a previous story.

The New York Times Editorial staff is up in arms over criminal defendants not getting legal representation. On the same day I posted this, the NYTimes printed the following editorial; the first three paragraphs are below:

“Pay Up or Go to Jail

User fees are a fact of life in America — those inscrutable “administrative” charges tacked on to everything from checking luggage to buying theater tickets to applying for college.

For people with the ability to pay, they are an irritation. But such fees are increasingly being levied on people caught up in the criminal justice system, who are overwhelmingly among the poorest members of society.

In recent years, both the number and size of court-related user fees have gone up sharply around the country, according to a yearlong investigation by National Public Radio, with assistance from the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law and the National Center for State Courts.

Fees show up at every stage of the process, from arrest to prosecution to conviction, and often long after any sentence has been completed. Defendants are charged for pretrial room and board in a local jail ($60 to $70 a day); for renting an electronic monitoring bracelet (up to several hundred dollars a month); for the collection of their DNA samples; and, in 43 states and the District of Columbia, to “apply” for a court-appointed lawyer — even though free legal assistance for criminal defendants who can’t afford it is a constitutional right….”

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