People and animals. Disaster and recovery.

Vatic Note:  When you watch this series of events,  you will understand why we do what we do here.  We cried when we first saw this video.  Many of us have had just such experiences and felt the rewarding sense of life in all living things, upon just such rescues...... Our globe is populated by an incredible number of people who will risk life and limb to save a helpless animal in distress. This below shows it very well.

That love, kindness, humanity, which is said, by the khazars, to be a weakness.... is in fact, for us, a human strength of the power of love for others besides ourselves.  This must be preserved at all costs.  I do not know about anywhere else, but I am certain of its power here on this planet.

Sometimes, and this is one of those times,  we have to be reminded of what is important and precious on this planet and to do what it takes to preserve it. How we treat those less powerful than we are, is a reflection of what kind of humans we are, the kind of civilization we have evolved into, and that includes our dominion over animals, and our caring for other humans who need our help, like children, permanently handicapped or very old people.

These are reflections of soulful people who are good to the core and on a level, the khazars may never experience and for that I am sad for them and the joys they will never know from engaging in such acts of love and kindness.  I hope this touched you as it did me.  

...  2. People come to the rescue - ....
Published on Jun 26, 2013
People and animals. Disaster and recovery.
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