Shh ... It's Classified! Listening In on Lennon

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Vatic Note:  This is up because I just discovered they gutted this one in 2010 and that means they did not want this up back then, so I decided to put it up now to try and figure out "why" they did not want it up.  What is being said here, that they do not like?  

Well, one thing it showed was the complete control Kissinger had over Nixon and the beginnings of a true police state, and how early on it began.  Remember, Kissinger is Rockefellers Secretary of State and was Nixon's handler. I have included a video that is a "preview of US vs Lennon" documentary.

Its worth the effort to watch it, and then rent the full documentary to see the entire story.  The FBI was heavily involved in trying to bring Lennon down, but were unsuccessful, so now we know what other methods they used to accomplish their goal.  I was in my early adult life when this all came down, and it was magnificient to watch John Lennon stand alone against a thoroughly  treasonous and corrupt system as was in place back then.

This was not his home country and yet he fought for it as if it was.   As it has turned out, his concerns over it have panned out to be correct as we see today.   This is the courage we must find deep within ourselves.  We must use every tool available to us both within us and outside of us, to overcome and do away with this evil darkness we see wrapping itself around us.  If nothing else, do it for the children.

Shh ... It's Classified! Listening In on Lennon
John Lennon sure was a feisty one. The ex-Beatle protested war, promoted peace and once wrote a song called "I Am the Walrus." No wonder the FBI put him on its watch list before the 1972 Republican National Convention (which the feds erroneously thought he might disrupt), terminated his visa and began deportation proceedings — at the suggestion of Senator Strom Thurmond.

During the 1972 presidential election, the FBI monitored Lennon's television appearances and concerts and even followed the activities of Yoko Ono's daughter from a previous marriage. Lennon didn't do anything suspicious, so the FBI closed its investigation a month after Nixon's re-election.

After Lennon's murder in 1980, historian Jon Weiner fought a 14-year legal battle to force the FBI to release its Lennon files under the Freedom of Information Act. In the end, he won. The findings are detailed in the 2006 documentary The U.S. vs. John Lennon.

 Here is the preview video  of the documentary......
 Uploaded by LionsgateVOD on Aug 3, 2010

The compelling and provocative documentary of John Lennon's evolution from beloved Beatle to outspoken artist and activist. An iconic inspiration for peace during one of the most tumultuous times in American history. Lennon stood his ground|refused to be silenced and courageously won his battle with the U.S. Government.


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