Rural county, feds locked in water-rights dispute

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Vatic Note:  After all this time, experience and railroading we have witnessed in our nation since 9-11, and the bogus war on terror and the 4 years that the "Foreign Occupied" Homeland security has been saying a drought was coming along with famine and riots.  This is what happens when we allowed these banker owned corporations to take over the care and feeding of our nation.

I can't believe no one sees the planning, and conscious decisions to deprive this nation of food and create a famine, forcing us to go to the "powers that were" to get our life sustaining needs met.  They even predicted riots as a result of the food shortages, that their Haarp machine can cause through droughts.  Its no accident they have also been coming after our cattle, which takes away our meat as well.

This is why there is no negotiations and there never will be, and I hate to say it but many of our elected officials know this.   The "FOREIGN OCCUPIERS" of our nation are committed to controlling and running this globe for their future power, control and massive profits using the "remaining" depopulated population as slave labor or serfs, if you will.

If that is the goal, then there never will be a negotiated settlement.   Confiscation of the land is critical to their success.  That is why the internet can now be turned off, so these acts of treason won't be aired to the public and whatever BS they decide to feed us through their sold out, owned, treasonous MSM about why no food, we will have to accept.

Without total control of food, air and water,  they cannot prevail.  So far, their plans were this...... AFRICA will be the agricultural haven for the eastern hemisphere which includes Europe;  SOUTH AMERICA will be the agricultural base for the western Hemisphere which includes the USA.

Notice that all canned beef is from South America, as are our veggies and fruit.  Last, but not least,  all fishing and seafood will come from the Asian countries, primarily China and the Koreas.  We saw that before the gulf blowout when Obama signed an EO stating that our fisherman could not fish within the 12 mile limit.  He almost had a rebellion along the gulf coast over that one.

However, Asian fisherman could fish within the 12 mile limit which was not the case before.  They finally blew the gulf out as it was clearly the only way to enforce the 12 mile limit, by scaring tourists and seafood eaters to death with the corexit scare.   Then there would be no buyers for our fishermen, forcing them into bancruptcy and losing their land and boats.  They did the same thing to the Island in the gulf just before the blow out.

We did a blog proving the board of Directors for BP, (Goldman Sachs owned by Rothschild) sold almost all their shares in BP just before the blow out occurred.  That meant they knew, if not did it.  It was one of the recommendations of the 1966 Iron Mtn report, to have an eco disaster to force us to globalize in order to fix the problem. However, that attempt was exposed as well.

Haarp is causing the jet stream to veer away from us, taking precious rain away and causing droughts in the western hemisphere so we can't grow anything or water our cows and other domestic animals.  Then comes the land grab,  then communism which is the precursor to full on fascism.  Corporations then run the government and decide what to do with the land, including raping and pillaging it for all its natural resources, while the people themselves can go straight to hell, for all they care.  Don't get me started!!!!!

Rural county, feds locked in water-rights dispute

Otero cattle rancher association president Gary Stone talks to Lincoln National Forest District Ranger James Duran in Weed, New Mexico, Thursday, May 15, 2014. The Otero County Cattleman's Association is pitted against the National Forest Service over a fence intended to protect wildlife that the agency installed around a small creek where the ranchers' cattle drink water. (AP Photo/Juan Carlos Llorca)
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WEED, N.M. (AP) — The latest dispute over federal control of land and water in the West has erupted along the banks of the Agua Chiquita, a small spring-fed stream in the mountains of southern New Mexico where the federal government has installed metal fences and locked gates to keep cattle out.

The move has enraged one rural county, where the sheriff has been ordered by the county commission to cut the locks. The U.S. attorney for the district of New Mexico hoped a meeting Friday would ease tensions enough to avoid an escalation like the armed standoff last month over grazing rights in Nevada.

The discussion resulted only in more frustration and disappointment.
Otero County Commissioner Ronny Rardin said after the meeting that the dispute was far from over.

"Ultimately, it is incumbent upon the commission, the sheriff and the citizens of Otero County to stand up for our constitutional rights," he said.

In a statement, U.S. Attorney's Office in New Mexico said no resolution was reached during the meeting and that the office will continue to monitor the situation "to ensure that public safety is preserved" in Otero County.

"To that end, the U.S. Attorney's Office will make every effort to facilitate a dialogue between county officials and the Forest Service," the office said.
Decades in the making, the dispute in Otero County centers on whether the Forest Service has the authority to keep ranchers from accessing Agua Chiquita, which means Little Water in Spanish. In wet years, the spring can run for miles through thick conifer forest. This summer, much of the stream bed is dry.

The Forest Service says the enclosures are meant to protect what's left of the wetland habitat. Forest Supervisor Travis Moseley said the metal fences and gates simply replaced strands of barbed wire that had been wrecked over the years by herds of elk.

The Otero County Commission passed a resolution earlier this week declaring that the Forest Service doesn't have a right to control the water. Ranchers say they believe the move is an effort by the federal government to push them from the land.

"If we let them take over our water rights, that's the first step. Then we would have nothing left here," said Gary Stone, head of the Otero County Cattleman's Association.

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M., said what's happening in Otero County is another example of overreach by the federal government.

"These disputes could be easily avoided if federal bureaucrats would stick to their constitutional oath and respect property rights," he said.

With no resolution in sight, Sheriff Benny House said Friday he plans to continue investigating whether forest employees are breaking state law by fencing off the water. The commission is also seeking a congressional hearing on the matter.
Rancher Ed Eldridge is next in line to see a fence erected around the water on his allotment.

"I don't think any foreign power could take us over, but we might lose our country from within our borders if we lose our constitutional rights," Eldridge said.
Still, Eldridge, Stone and other residents said they aren't looking for an armed standoff with the federal government. They just want their water and property rights recognized and respected, they said.

Attorney Blair Dunn, who is representing the county, said he's worried that transparency and a media spotlight could be the only things that prevent the dispute from reaching a dangerous boiling point.

"Generally, cooler heads prevail when we're able to sit everybody down and figure out something that works," Dunn said.

Moseley of the Forest Service said he's not surprised by the conflict, given the pressure the agency is under to manage the land for different uses.

"I can't speak to a broader spectrum of federal regulations and how they affect private businesses and lives, but I don't believe there is a conspiracy per se," he said when asked about ranchers' claims of being pushed from the land.

County Commissioner Tommie Herrell disagreed. Describing the agency's actions as tyranny, he said the Forest Service is unwilling to temporarily open the gates while the parties search for long-term solutions.
Montoya Bryan reported from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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