NEWS ANALYSIS: The role of the death penalty, sleep and memory loss in changing the face of our World

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Vatic Note:   Once again, a warning..... one of the other elements included in the protocols written by Rothchild in 1897, was to institute a class warfare between the wealthy elite who are generally goyim, and not part of these NWO types, plan for global domination and those of us who are just working stiffs.  The foreign occupiers never do anything for just one reason.....They do it for multiple reasons.

The two reasons they would do this is to 1.  extract the wealth of the poor millionaires, and minor elite,  and 2.  Try to start a class war between us to ensure that the minor elite do NOT aid the working class in this struggle that is about to take place.  It was the khazars that stirred up the French Revolution where the royalty lost their heads, and thus were unable to fight their real enemy, the bankers.

Our forefathers lead our revolution and they were wealthy men, but not khazars and were not part of the protocol promoters for global dominance.  Its the bankers biggest fear that we would be united in fighting against them and they are afraid of the leadership the wealthy could provide to the masses.  What makes me suspicious is the 28 dead bankers across the nation, and the lack of knowledge of why they were killed.

The level of deception and lies we have experienced is sufficient to play it cautious since the only ones we should war against are the Rothschild, khazar, international bankers, who are our real enemy.  Just be judicious in reading this and deciding what the reality is.   

NEWS ANALYSIS: The role of the death penalty, sleep and memory loss in changing the face of our World
by "The Slog",  Before Its' News,  May 16, 2014

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Is the Death penalty too good for Nick Clegg?

Liberal Democrat Deputy PM Nick Clegg – as most of us know by now – has an afternoon siesta most days. It’s possible he will wind up as the sole MP after Libdemmerung. This means he could rename the Party IKip. Or he may decide to hold the balance of power with Nigel Farage – himself perhaps destined to be the one UKip MP – following an electoral dead heat.

They could merge to form Kip: the Party most perfectly representative of the British electorate, which is fast asleep most of the time.

Having no principles at all is the way most politicians avoid ethical dilemmas and moral hazards, and Nick has never been slowed down by any such handicaps. He says he’s going to carry on in Coalition with Camerlot even if the LibDems get completely wiped out in 2015 and Theresa May passes a law to slay every firstborn throughout the Land.

Although Cleggie is a living relic of the Old Labour phrase The Idle Rich, most of the Big Bananas these days are anything but idle. Hard work and meanness are, I suspect, what has enabled billionaire Sir Michael Hintze to gift £1.5m to the Conservative Party. Meanie is as meanie does, and £1.5m is frankly very measly indeed given how much richer the Tories made him over the last two years.

According to the ONS latest wealth data, not only do 10% own half of all the wealth (it’s far more skewed in the States) the top 3% own twice as much as next 7%, and four times as much as the next 10%. Some 30 million people share out around a trillion quid in Britain, whereas under 2 million folks at the top are struggling on a pot of nearly 50% more.

Most of the wealth of the fatties derives from property and pensions. Property benefits from self-made Treasury booms, and the largest pensions at the top by far are at the Sir Humphrey level in Whitehall…those fine men who illegally doubled their entitlements in the 2005-8 period, but nobody wants to talk about it.

Without the vicious circle culture of pols bankrolled by fatties, and a constitution so vague as to allow for legislative skullduggery on every topic at every level, disparities of wealth in the UK would be a lot less.

Whichever shower is in power, the rich will pay a small fee to get a lot more powerful, and the senior bureaucrats will feather their nests unmolested. We do not need wealth redistribution (it always reverts anyway, and strikes me as oddly amoral) we need élites destruction.

Sadly we don’t have the death penalty for such crimes any more, although in the broader sense this is of course a good thing. Such is not so beyond the Civilised World. A pregnant Muslim lady in the Sudan has been given four days to repent a heretical and reckless decision to marry a Christian, or face the death penalty. “Harsh but fair” the Judge no doubt told her: a principle, after all, isn’t a principle until it kills you.

Personally, I feel that Nick Clegg should be told to either repent his decision to marry David Cameron, or face the death penalty; but that’s just me and my principled belief in global gender equality.

Finally, you may have noticed that – while we’re all being monitored, overheard and generally analysed 24/7 – the European Supreme Court has ruled that people now have “the right to be forgotten” after a certain time has passed…to, as it were, have internet links which tarnish their reputation removed from things like Google.

Every time the European Court adopts something like this, it takes me about 1.5 seconds to see what the dangers could be…in relation to everything from paedophile convictions and identity misrepresentation to Orwellian history-changing. Indeed, it seems that the authorities have already been bombarded by requests for selective deletion from quite a few folks keen to be seen as squeaky-clean, but in reality rather ghastly. A new class may emerge, the Notwannabes.

It seems to me that far easier and less illiberal would be to pass a law allowing citizens to forget the existence of their economic, banking, religious, celebrity and political leaders, by the removal of their names from ballot papers, and appearances from all media. Imagine being able to forget the likes of Venizelos, Osborne, Blankfein, Balls, Obama, Putin, Rowan Williams, Simon Cowell and Nigel Farage forever. (VN: what about their handlers, who quietly disappear into the woodwork when disclosure rears its ugly head???)

Of course, there would have to be a minimum number of nominators before somebody became an Unperson. I’d say that a figure of around ten would be an adequate safeguard. Starting with Jeremy Hunt.

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