How to Activate Your Super Conscious Mind! Part 2 of 2 - Programming Your Mind For Success!

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How to Activate Your Super Conscious Mind! Part 2 of 2 - 
Published by YouAreCreators, April 1, 2014

Part 1 here: http://youtu.be/gmNqmz5NDKc

Vatic Note:  This two part series is fabulous and I know from experience that he is so right on.  I built businesses and broke glass ceilings because of these laws he talks about, but I did not know that was what I was doing at the time.  It has come as a shock to know that I had picked up these traits through my various family members.

Grandparents played a big role for me, as did my parents, aunts and uncles when I was growing up, so family can contribute to the way of thinking of the child.   My grandmother "ALWAYS"  used to say to me "mind over matter, young lady".   In other words I was in control of whatever happened to me and it was my mind that mattered and not any other manipulative tool I was trying to use.  LOL

I was not only allowed to question things, but was encouraged to question things and make sure I understood the answers.  If I  had additional questions due to the answers I got, they answered them too.  No question was too small or "stupid" for them and I was encouraged to read and to be curious about how things worked and why they worked the way they did.  Today, I can see why parents were a critical part of the education system.  Home was an extension of school, just like school was an extension of home.

Please review and listen to this several times if you have to and use what they have given us.  Michael Tsarion said that "we, as humans, are marvelous creatures, living ordinary lives" because we were raised that way at the behest of the powers that were,  and today its even worse.  Teachers are not allowed to teach, except in the manner proscribed, and the information, and the system they are told to teach with.  Teachers have had to ignore their own education & training when it comes to teaching children.

They are told to ignore the creative stage of development of the child, which is from about 4 or 5 to 8 or 9, which is the maturation stage of the developing right brain, or the "creative" brain.  After that comes the logical, rational, or left brain.  Anyway, this is well worth the watch and its never, ever too late to progress.


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Anonymous said...

Because this video was removed due to copyright restrictions, I hope you or someone who was able to finish watching it (I was not -- I watched most of the first one and didn't get to part 2) could please give a synopsis...

Too bad -- I guess this video got too many hits or something. The one I mostly watched was excellent. Thanks for linking to it.

Vatic Master said...

I can't believe he did that. It was up on YouTube with many hits, and now I discovered "someone" removed a whole blog that I had put up from Conspiracy Planet entitled:

"EXPOSED: Boko Haram - An Israeli-Nigerian Scam"

The entire blog was wiped off my blog and it was scheduled to go up tomorrow. I tried using a search engine to find it again and guess what? Nothing, no where. I heard they were going to start doing this because the net was ruining all their false flags they were going to use to start their profit making and depopulation World war III. Well, this event was suppose to draw attention away from bad news about Obama and also to use as a anger pill against muslims so when the Ukraine ignited as planned by the international bankers, everyone would be too busy to realize this was another hoax, false flag event. I am so sick of these people, it isn't even funny. We will see what we will seee. Zionist Bankers better go underground to their rat holes where they belong.