VATIC ALERT: In 2013, BLM Killed Tourtoises they "Said" They Needed to Protect ON BUNDY RANCH!

Vatic Note:  What unmitigated liars these people are.   You can believe absolutely nothing, the bankers, government, Israel, Rothschilds tell you.  Not a single thing.   In August 2013, they killed hundreds of these endangered tortoises that they said they came into Bundy's ranch in 2014 to protect.   Were there any left from their massacre in 2013?? Here is what really got to me though,  they "SAID" they did it because they ran out of money to feed and keep the tortoises,  and yet  they have spent OVER 1 MILLION DOLLARS VIOLATING THE RIGHTS AND PROPERTY OF THE BUNDY FAMILY.

They had enough to do that, but not enough to keep the tortoises,  and they shotgun killed two of Bundy's cattle and buried them.   Where the tortoises are concerned there are rescue private funded tortoise safe havens they could have sent them to, and where the cows were concerned, they could have turned them over to Bundy to use for food for his family , instead of burying them and poisoning the underground water used for drinking.

But no, barbarity and brutality are their tools to desensitize us into becoming the same way.  REMEMBER, TSA under "FAscist Homeland Security" had the same task.  FONDLE THE PRIVATE PARTS OF CHILDREN TO GET THEM USED TO BEING PEDOPHILED.  Yup, we have a bunch of foriegn occupying "SICKOS'" running our government.

This article originated with the Washington Post back in 2013 and now it is gone.  Its not even in archives.... so the post got told to take it out.   They  know what they did and that is why they are hiding it from public view.  Thank goodness Kingsnake found it when he did or we would know nothing about it.

As for their pathetic excuse as to why they killed them,  once again, we can't believe them since they are proven liars.  I believe they killed them in preparation for the sale of the land to China for their industrial development scheduled to take place on 900,000 acres, part of which was the grazing land for the Bundy's, WHICH BY THE WAY IS STATE LAND, with Federal management.  THE FEDS DO NOT OWN THE LAND.

The state is who should have stepped in and stopped all this.  But then, without killing Bundy and his entire family THEY WOULD NOT GET CLEAR TITLE TO THE LAND TO SELL TO CHINA.   I believe that is why they are not going to give up on this and we may well watch the government murder Americans in order to take their land for international interests.  This is what happens when you globalize.   International interests then take over from local or sovereign interests.  Its why we must fight globalism to the core AND TO THE END. 

BLM to kill hundreds of desert tortoises as its conservation center runs out of money   
by Kingsnake.com,  August 25, 2013 

   The U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced it will kill hundreds of threatened desert tortoises it's been caring for at a Nevada conservation facility. The slaughter is being blamed on a lack of funds by the agency.  (VN:  use the funds for the Bundy raid and that way, everyone will be happy, right?  Oh, except Harry reid and his Chinese friends, who are handled by the WALL STREET BROKERS THAT HAVE EXCLUSIVE CONTROL OVER CHINA'S BROKERAGE BUSINESSES.)

Real estate developers in southern Nevada who wanted to disrupt the habitat of threatened desert tortoises to build their little enclaves of air conditioning and irrigation in the arid suburbs of Las Vegas have been able to do so -- for a fee. And while at the height of the real estate boom those fees went a long way toward providing refuge for displaced tortoises, the real estate bust has seen the program implode.

From the Washington Post:

Federal funds are running out at the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center and officials plan to close the site and euthanize hundreds of the tortoises they’ve been caring for since the animals were added to the endangered species list in 1990.

“It’s the lesser of two evils, but it’s still evil,” said U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service desert tortoise recovery coordinator Roy Averill-Murray during a visit to the soon-to-be-shuttered reserve at the southern edge of the Las Vegas Valley last week.

Read more here. And weep.  (VN: the link has been gutted, so don't bother, but if  you try and you get the link, then please email us off the site so we can update it and publish the rest of the link. It was completely gone when I tried.  Thanks)

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