Read Before It’s Removed! RAND Corporation Admits UFO/Nephilim Are Real and the Documentation To Prove It!

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Vatic Note:  Please read and watch this video below and keep the following in mind as you read and listen.....its important that the "truth" emerge from this below which is almost always truth plus disinformation.   That is a warning, to balance out what is real from what is not.  These evil ones are masters of manipulation for masses of population and we have seen it work.
The good news is we have trumped their press which is a necessary part of their propoganda working,  by being faster, global in our reach and truthful, which is a deadly combination when place against the MSM which is slower, local or regional in their reach and definitely manipulated news rather than truth.  That is why they are definitely losing revenues from advertising.

Here are some things to remember and consider when reviewing and deciding what you feel about all of this.   Its not an easy task for anyone since so much is now false.   Good luck.

1. First and foremost keep  in mind the 1966 Iron Mountain Report that recommended using a bogus alien invasion to force the planet to globalize to fight these so called aliens.  The report was written because war was a critical part of our economy, and they had to have something to keep wars going and to move us toward globalizing for greater control by the PTB.


2. Second, Bill Copper, former navy intelligence officer, came across a classified document outlining their intent to use an alien invasion as a tool to scare the American people and force them to globalize.   He introduced us to the governments task force called MJ 12 and he wrote an article on it that we published in one of our blogs. Having said that, he also confirmed there were aliens who were "good guys", and he found out the PTB wanted us to believe they are bad guys and should fight them, then globalize to do so.

3. Third,  Ronald Reagan made just such a speech at the UN about " "maybe", what we need to bring us together as a globe was a threat from an outside source, such as an alien invasion."

4.  Fourth, Our government has created a navy fleet of space ships that are currently in our space dockings, and one of them is the size of a aircraft carrier which is huge.  So if you see news reports, about a huge spaceship, especially from the MSM, just assume its ours.  The Airforce also has "Holographic technology" they can use to project anything on the sky that they want us to believe is there.  We saw that with the Norway Spiral.   We did a blog on that as well.

But again, you read and decide.   Rand Corporation works for the gov and so is this a true disclosure or manipulation in preparation for the alien invasion? Or maybe both.  Nothing else the powers that be have used is working, so I expected this one as a last resort.

Read Before It’s Removed! RAND Corporation Admits UFO/Nephilim Are Real and the Documentation To Prove It!

The elite have a secret so mystifying, so mind-blowing that they are doing everything they can to keep it under wraps from the public eye. I urge you with everything in me to watch the below video in its entirety. 

It contains significant information and covers top-secret documentation put out by the RAND Corporation (a government think-tank) about the UFO phenomenon. In it they openly admit the existence of UFO’s. 

The youtube video may not be available for long, so please watch before it’s too late, I’m sure it’s bound to be removed. This information will prove the existence of UFO/Nephilim and it is something you definitely should watch and share….


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