America’s Rule By Satanic Worshipping Rogue Mobsters, Coming To Sudden End?

Vatic Note:  I am not a huge fan of Fulford, as many times he has told us things were happening and they never panned out.  So, like Nesara, I hold my judgement on what they say until I see the proof in the pudding.   That is a wise way to handle all of this.  However, there have been a few times he was right, so I give him at least a hearing on what he has to say.  

I do not agree on the Constitutional convention since the passage of whatever they put in, will be controlled by those that need our guns to be gone before they can finish this task they need to complete.  Its foolish of us to make the way for gutting our rights "LEGALLY" easy for them by agreeing to this convention.  Let them fight like crazy for it. Then we still make sure it does not pass. Remember, no world war against anyone, except the INTERNATIONAL ZIONIST KHAZAR BANKERS in every country.

With this below, I also just read that the pope celebrated Easter, which is a pagan holiday, by worshipping and praying to Satan.  Nice, huh?  AS we have pointed out a number of times, Christianity as we know it with the current Bible that was put together by the Nicene Conference, is a result of negotiations between the Christians and the pagans.  And we have lived with that negotiations ever since. 

America’s Rule By Satanic Worshipping Rogue Mobsters,  Coming To Sudden End?
by Indian in the Machine,  Before its' News,  April 22, 2014


Dear world,

Benjamin Fulford’s article is posted below…. and he highlights some points of the cabal being trapped… yup… trapped… looks like being nasty makes no friends after all. ;)

Make no mistake, the secret group(s) that makes up 10-20% of the population, that rules the world, is coming to a sudden end… how can I say this?

It’s easy… the world has had enough…. enough poisoning of the food, air, water and soil… and the mind control.  Look around, are people enjoying their filth as much as before? Nope… Stars like Madonna used to be celebrated for their ‘sellout to satan’ values… now people see them as weak and needy… Miley Cyrus is another fine example of a sellout who no longer has the masses on her side… signs of skankiness are seen as signs of compensating for lack of talent or originality.

What now, there is more going on than worshipping false idols…
Beyonce…cool or fool?

The average person will need to look within for the love they are seeking from others, including the false idols of the mainstream press.

Miley Cyrus And Beyonce Recruiting Teenagers For Satan 
The average person will need to raise their frequency to escape the lower frequency self-imposed prison many find that they created for themselves.
Examine how you feel… don’t think for one moment you are going to evolve further than you are right now, without a complete re-evaluation of all existing values, attitudes and beliefs that are against all life.

Look at your food today… was it dead food…
Look at your thoughts today… are they self-defeating…serving to weaken you or others?

Are you disappearing into your own little bubble, or are you able to engage with the world around you, being a Light, rather than a blight on the world?

Do you gobble up the corporate lies that this food or that food is okay?  Wise up!
Do you look at chemtrails and think you cannot do anything… WRONG… your defeatest thoughts keeps things going.

Look at the music you listen to, and thus become… look closer… even ‘Stairway to heaven” is satanic.

Do you think that if you do not stand up to be counted, that you are not counted?
In short… to change your leadership… you yourself must change from the inside out… expect yourself and all that is around you, that is not in resonance with universal harmony, to change. Expect the financial system to change… there is no other way… the Federal Reserve is cornered… evil has had it’s night, and the sun is now rising for the next 2000 years of the Golden Age.

Indian in the machine

Benjamin Fulford – April 21, 2014: Cabal divided, unable to act despite term now is clear that the cabal that has ruled the West, is in disorder and is not able to act despite the deadline very real given to them. 

European influences traffickers as the Pope and the support of the Queen of world peace and a campaign to end poverty and stop the destruction of the environment. However, the Rockefellers, Bush and the other American oligarchs are acting like deer frozen in the headlights, which are unable or unwilling to take action. The same can be said of Pentagon managers and agencies.

That there is no doubt of this, the United States of America has degenerated into a nation ruled by Satan mafia rogue who worship Satan and is the black hole from which most of the misery of the world emerges.

Extraction of the public face of the USA oligarchy.  Barack Hussein Obama, raises the question of “what do you replace it with?” If the heads of the military-industrial complex does not act with a unified plan, the answer likely will be chaos, confusion, and possibly even civil war in the United States.

The best hope now resides in the Governments of those States that now have the required two-thirds support to demand a Conference to rewrite the Constitution of the United States of America.  (VN:  if we allow this, then we JUST GAVE UP OUR GUNS.  You don't seriously think this conference is here to GIVE US MORE RIGHTS DO YOU?  OR EVEN TO FORCE ENFORCEMENT OF OUR CURRENT RIGHTS?  No, the conference is to make the enforcers of a police state "legal" in their attempt to implement that police state.  That is what Hitler did, he wanted something that was not legal, he simply made it legal by signing it into law.  This just sealed it for me that Fulford is on the other side.  I am so glad I did not sign up for monthly donations in order to read this tripe. He knows as well as I do, that this is only going to benefit the pond scum that are doing this to us.)

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/04/02/rare-option-forcing-congress-to-meet-change-constitution-gains-momentum/ such a Conference could be used as a means to establish a provisional Government with the power to clean the dirt that is festering in Washington DC also talks with various factions within the industrial complex of U.S. military. They reveal a surprising amount of agreement on key issues. The problem seems to be one of the egos and rival institutions that compete for power rather than disagreement about what needs to be done.

These are some of the main points the world has agreed to: 

1) must be a Jubilee; Once out of cancellation of all debts public and private. That is a no-brainer that would end immediately the current US depression.

(2) it is necessary that there is a redistribution of assets. The majority of the Fortune 500 companies are controlled by seven families who founded the Federal Reserve Board. The concentration of ownership is hidden by the foundations and dark accounting. These families mostly did not create the companies that they possess, and  acquired them through murder and robbery. These assets must be redistributed or be put into a public and managed fund on behalf of the American people.

(3) the Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court  Justice and the White House in Washington DC are nothing more than a troop acting strongly bribed and need to be replaced. The umbilical cord of linking money and politics has to be cut.

(4) once Washington is cleaned, the Government must begin issuing money instead of the privately owned Federal Reserve Board.

(5) the media monopolies have to be broken and the American people need to tell you its true history.

This is the broad consensus which can be found within the United States, especially in the interior of the armed forces and agencies, as well as in most of the State Governments. The United States is ready to once again become and independent nation. (VN: the "people" are ready for that, but its showing either complete naivete, or stupidity to believe these agencies and power structures want this convention to do as he says.  No way do they want any of that.)

Seen from outside of the United States, however, a very different situation. First, while the Europeans and the Americans constitute about one-fifth of the world’s population, they control four of the five vetoes in the Security Council of the United Nations. This means that the United Nations continues to be a European instrument of colonial control. That needs to change.

The other thing that has to change is the global financial architecture. If the Republic of the United States of America has been restored and issued its own currency, then, a new institution should be created to manage the concluded and negotiated international dollars.

The World Bank and the IMF are not at the height and there is no indication whatsoever that the Europeans and the Americans give up their control of these institutions. Even the structure of voting renovated provided to the IMF (and blocked by the us.UU. as mentioned last week) it would leave the Europeans in charge.

For that reason, there are negotiations in progress on the creation of a new institution that would make the IMF and the World Bank to a large extent irrelevant. This will not happen overnight because of the new systems and computer networks must establish institutions independent from the US dominated and cut to fund the SWIFT international payment system. Here the Europeans, the Russians, Middle East oil exporters and Chinese are in agreement in general. 

It will take a couple of years, however to build, so do not expect a sudden change on this front. However, the first big step, so that Europe can pay for Russian gas in euros instead of dollars, is already in the works. (VN:  Aaaah, the expansion of the EU, from regional into a global economy and currency.... gee, what a surprise, they truly do think we are stupid. )

That will leave the US corporate governance, headed by Barack Obama (or whatever it is called) very secluded.

Perhaps for this reason Obama is Visiting U.S. Asian colonies of Japan, Korea of the South, the Philippines and Malaysia this week to try to extort money to keep us corporate governance from collapse.

The Japanese police agency sent someone to visit the WDS to inquire about the visit of Obama. He was told that the police should arrest Obama on charges of mass murder and fraud as soon as you put a foot in the country. He was also told that the slave Prime Minister Abe should also be arrested for the theft of the election and the acceptance of foreign bribes to betray their country. 

Japan-based military and U.S. agencies would be the heroes of the human race if they did agree to help Japanese police to make the arrests. If the Japanese and us seventh fleet lack the courage to do this movement, then perhaps Malaysians will do it.  Arrest Obama would be the catalyst that would bring world peace and greatly accelerate the positive changes taking place on this planet. However, that is likely to be an illusion.

On the other hand, according to a source in the CIA based Asian, Abe and Obama will preside over some provocations and incidents directed to ratchet up the tension in East Asia. “Obama wants to start in Ukraine given the situation in the region,” was what he said.

Speaking of the Ukraine, the P2 lodge this writer sent a video clip of a Chief of police  being beheaded in the East of Ukraine. This is the same Satanic mercenary army (VN: hired by the Rothschild/Israeli international bankers)  that has been carrying out atrocities in Iraq and Syria. 

Rest assured, these scum are being systematically hunted down and slaughtered. (VN: and if you believe that one,  then I have some great land for you to buy in Nevada, over a nuclear dump test site!  LOL)

CIA Chief visited Ukraine recently because 20 of its “Greystone” (Blackwater, Xi, Academi) murderers have disappeared recently. They will continue to “disappear” until these criminals are gone.  (VN: If they have disappeared then they were ordered to do so and have moved on to a new territory to terrorize.)

There is also evidence that some kind of great counterattack against the cabal has begun in Asia. The constant swarm of earthquakes hit New Guinea being conducted in an area known to host a Nazi submarine base.

Also, in China, more than 1,000 officials linked to the cabal have been executed from the time Xi Jinping came to power, according to an official of the Chinese Government.

Finally, to conclude, Japanese television was created to transmit a documentary 911 truth during primetime, while Obama was visiting the country. However, reported producers “wasn’t yet ripe time.”

We have to hold our fire until we can see the white of their eyes. It makes no sense to go to half – three peaks. When the White Dragon is moved, it must be absolute and overwhelming. (Translated by Bing)

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