Banker and Wife Brutally Murdered! House Sweeping Continues! We Were Warned!!!

Vatic Note:   Now something is fishy.   Lets recap a few facts that we figured out and posted a while back.   First and foremost lets not forget during all of this, that these guys have done to us time and time again, using "AND BY DECEPTION, WE WILL CONDUCT WAR!"  Its imperative to consider that phrase when reading all of this below, especially in my vatic note. OH, and don't forget there have been 28 bankers worldwide that have been killed  so far  or so they "say", we really don't know, do we? 

1.  Rothschild was selling gold to millionaires for US dollars in the millions, and then storing that gold in his warehouses (yes, that is plural).  These Millionaires never took physical possession of that gold.  We commented at the time, that it was a Rothschild that wrote the protocols which said that they  should accumulate all the gold they could from the goyim. 

2.  Now lets remember when Deutsch bank gave their gold to the Federal Reserve for safe keeping.  Remember?   Then about 6 months ago, they wanted their gold back.  The fed said they could not have it back and that the bank would have to wait 10 years to get their gold.  Eventually, after much noise making they got it back, but it was not their gold, it was someone elses gold, with different markings than Deutsch Bank was using.  We don't know if it was even pure gold at this point.

3.   Then remember that the USA, Federal Reserve paid in settlement to Tokyo or Hong Kong, I dont' remember which,  gold from Ft. Knox which was tested by the recipient foreign bank and it was found NOT to be gold, rather bars of Tungsten painted in gold.  That was when  we asked for an audit.

4.  Then a representative of congress asked that in the Fed Res audit, that the FT. Knox gold be included in the audit.   The bank fought that and I believe won the day, so no audit was done on our gold

5.  Next lets journey to Iraq.  Remember when we took over iraq, the first thing done was the World bank and IMF were there and removed 19.5 billion in Iraqi gold from the bank of Bagdad and shipped it out to who knows where in a US military cargo plane.

6.  Lets visit the Arab Spring countries.  Shia banking was making massive inroads to banking in Africa.  Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt were the big players in doing that banking which was consistant with their religion, no usury (no interest charged on loans) and they had gold backed currency.  The Muslims were taking over the African banking market from Rothschild.  That is why  the overthrow of those governments.

7.  Now, after the overthrow of the Ukraine gov and replacement of the leader of the Ukraine, basically owned by the Rothschild EU, the first thing he did was have all of Ukraines gold shipped out of the country.  Not a word about it from Putin, who should have been screaming bloody murder, but did not.  Hmmmm, is he part of the gamesmanship going on trying to get us to fight a WW III for profit, depopulation and power?  These bankers leave nothing to chance.  They would not be coming out of the closet unless they had every single player lined up to perform as they demand.  That includes Putin.

8.  Libya also did massive projects and paid for it with oil revenues and no loans.  They reclaimed massive underground water and brought it up for their people to use to grow their own food.  That, in fact, was 2 strikes against them.  They did that massive reclamation of the underground water WITHOUT DEBT, and USED OIL REVENUES FOR THE PEOPLE.  Both were massive no no's and that is why Gadaffi had to die. In every case, they took the gold and that includes Libya.

9.  If the global economies crash, what will be used to replace all those sovereign currencies?  Currency BACKED BY GOLD.   Well, after reading all this, then who do you think has the most gold sufficient to buy into the new currency at an enormous amount?  From the info here above that we had on various blogs,  I would say "ROTHSCHILD". The deaths of these bankers means no more multimillion dollar bonuses. 

Its either that, or the deaths were not real, rather movie productions as they have done before, and all those bankers are going underground since the twin star is here.  You read and decide.

Banker and Wife Brutally Murdered! House Sweeping Continues! We Were Warned!!!
by Live Free or Die,  Before Its' News, April 20, 2014
                                                   There are gorgeous views from this meeting room at the bank, too.      
Several months ago we were warned by ‘V the Guerrilla Economist’ that the bankers were sweeping house and to prepare for more dead bankers to show up. We now learn that another prominent banker has been ‘knocked off’ as a 37-year old Director from the BNP Paribas Fortis bank in Belgium was shot and killed along with his wife and a 9-year-old nephew. While at first the dead bankers were called ‘suicides’, Before It’s News reported in February that these bankers were actually being ‘suicided’ and this latest killing shows that those ‘taking out’ the bankers have stepped up their brazen ways. Several video reports also below including ”V’s” warning to us months ago. This latest brutal murder could only mean that the end is getting closer to the current financial system. 

In the beginning it was banker suicides. Then about two weeks ago, suicides were replaced by outright murders after the execution-style killing of the CEO of a bank in otherwise sleepy (and tax evasive) Lichtenstein by a disgruntled client. Then on Friday news hit of another execution-type murder in just as sleepy, if not so tax evasive, Belgium, where in the city of Vise, a 37-year-old Director at BNP Paribas Fortis was murdered alongside his wife and a 9 year old nephew in a premeditated and orchestrated drive-by shooting.

L’venir reports:

According to Marcel Neven, Mayor of Vise, nothing can yet explain what caused the violent shooting that rocked the neighborhood sports hall of his town this Friday, April 18, late at night. A man of 37 years, Benedict Philippens, bank manager Ans-Saint-Nicolas, was shot. A little 9 year old boy, living in Dolhain, was also killed. A lady, the wife of the man and the boy aunt and godmother, Carol Haid, 37 also died of his injuries on Saturday, in the morning. She was hit by three bullets in the back, said a judicial source. 
According to information from the survey and some witnesses, a car waiting outside their house Berneau street near the sports hall Visé. When the victims’ car is back in the driveway, shots were fired from the car that waited patiently. The author of the shots is actively sought.

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