Alert: Palestine is Finally Here! 5 Shots In Back At Close Range, Helmet Cam Footage Shows Cops Murder A Man For “Illegally Camping”

*** they have taken this down 3 times now since I put  it up at around 3:15.  They do not want us to know about the connection of all these murders of our citizens, unarmed, elderly, children, and unarmed women, to the Israeli training program for "MILITARIZING" OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT because  soldiers are refusing to fire upon Americans, unlike our law enforcement.  they are going to have to choose soon, because paybacks are hell.  

5 Shots In Back At Close Range, Helmet Cam Footage Shows Cops Murder A Man For “Illegally Camping”

Vatic Note:  Nothing has made me madder than watching this murder of this 40 year old homeless man who was unarmed.  We have another blog coming up  in which we discover that these cops who are being "miliarized" are being trained by Israel in Israel, and that is why we are seeing all these murders of unarmed, and harmless people that these cops, if they were normal cops trained as our cops used to be,  would have had no problem bringing him down and arresting him without undue violence, so its part intentionally of the intimidation process.

He was "HOMELESS", OLDER, and loaded down with equipment.  They had a dog who could have  brought him down by himself if necessary.  Now I know why they started out earlier with the taser guns.  It was to desensitize these cops in shooting other non dangerous citizens, and the purpose is to teach the average citizen to obey unquestioningly, orders given by authority figures.  Israel's IDF are cowards, and so badly so, that they aim their guns at 4 year old kids who are unarmed. This is who is training our cops. Are they making cowards out of our cops? We have never seen anything like this and we should make sure those cops know that it will not go unanswered.  Time to beware.

From now on we need to start taking these cops names and identifying where they live, IF THAT IS THE WAY THEY WANT TO PLAY IT.  If they are no longer peace officers here to protect us, the public, rather, to repress us as a police state, than its time to change the rules of the game for sure.  NM does not surprise me.   They have more globalists that come from NM than any other state.   Well, maybe New York is worse, since Bloomberg did the same thing in sending NY cops to Tel Aviv  for training on civilian populations.

If there was any doubt about Israel, khazars, zionists and Rothschild, this should end it now.  They are the foreign occupiers of our government, through blackmail, bribes, and threats, along with assassinations. Ask Wellstone.  Our reps are now afraid to stand for our Constitution and our people.   Fear can work both ways if necessary.   Where do those dual Israeli citizens live???  Just asking. Anybody can shoot anybody in the back.... regardless of who you are.

5 Shots In Back At Close Range, Helmet Cam Footage Shows Cops Murder A Man For “Illegally Camping” 
admin, Liberty Crier,  March 23, 2014


James M. Boyd seemed to think he had a deal. The 38-year-old homeless man – whose illegal camping in the foothills had drawn Albuquerque police – told officers on Sunday that he was ready to walk off the mountain. Instead, he was carried off, fatally wounded after officers opened fire.

Boyd, in a long confrontation with police, ended up face down in the dirt, a splotch of blood visible on his back, a police dog on his leg. He held a knife in each hand. But before that, there appeared to be a chance he’d cooperate, according to video released by APD on Friday.

“All right, don’t change up the agreement,” Boyd says, as officers have their guns trained on him. “I’m going to try to walk with you.” Boyd picks up his backpack and belongings, and he looks ready to start walking. There are no knives in his hands at this point. “Do it!” an officer says on the video.

A flash-bang device is thrown at Boyd’s feet, disorienting him. Officers yell at him to get on the ground, and a dog and officer approach him. Boyd takes two knives out of his pockets and appears to wave them. Then Boyd starts turning away from the officers. That’s when shots ring out and he hits the ground. Officers continue to yell at him to drop the knives. “Please don’t hurt me anymore. I can’t move,” Boyd says as he lies on the ground.

Officers fire bean-bag rounds at him as he’s on the ground, then let loose a police dog, which grabs his leg and shakes it. He doesn’t move. Then officers approach and cuff him, blood on the rock above him. He died the next day at the hospital.

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