Rothschild owned Blackstone Group benefits from missing flight 370, becoming primary patent holder of new technology, reports say

Vatic Note:  I find it interesting that the Khazar Rothschild owned Blackstone is heavily tied in with the Saudi owned Carlyle group that has Bush on the board of directors along with other Bush minions.  That almost confirms the contention we made that the Saudi wealthy royalty are really khazars appointed by Britain to leadership and running of Saudi Arabia back after WW I, when Britain split up the Ottoman empire.

Now we have the khazars running Israel and we see both of them, Saudi Arabia and Israel,  working together against other Muslim countries NOT controlled banking wise, by Rothschild.  Mossad works for Israel/Britain, (MI6) and an identical plane to the missing Malaysia plane is found in a hanger in Israel.  We just scheduled a blog on that which will come up sometime this weekend.

Now we find that with these missing inventors, that Rothschild's Blackstone and the Carlyle group benefit financially and patent wise from these inventors disappearance.  With their expertise and record, I would not doubt that they are held somewhere to continue their work under the "guidance" (or thumb) of the Rothschild clan.

If they want to get away with this they are going to need to crash a Boeing 777 with bodies in it, in order to get our attention off that hanger in Israel.  I bet they get caught doing it if they try.  So far every false flag they have done has been exposed.  Will they never learn?   You can't control every single thing down to the last nut and bolt.  For 'anal retentive control freaks', it must be frustrating for that to be the case.

It just isn't possible and that is why God gave us a soul  and spirit so we could use our creativity to overcome obstacles.  Well, that is what happens when you have no soul or spirit.  No creativity.... no flexibility or adaptability to meet an unexpected situation.   Poor babies.  All that money and wealth, and still no soul/spirit and thus no power globally.  Not yet, anyway.   Once they get it, can they keep it?

Historically, they have never been able to do so.   They can fix us all they want, but their real need is to fix themselves, but they are too arrogant to take a look at that problem.  So, this will continue to replay, generation after generation. Too bad, so sad, poor babies.....

Rothschild owned Blackstone Group benefits from missing flight 370, becoming primary patent holder of new technology, reports say

AUSTIN (INTELLIHUB) — New information, fact checked by Intellihub News, may shed some light on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight which was recently reported by Malaysian officials to have ended tragically in the Indian Ocean despite the lack of physical evidence.

While the disappearance of MH370 which had 239 people aboard is tragic, new bombshell information reveals that a Texas-based technology giant, Freescale Semiconductor Ltd., may have benefited in some way from the missing airliner which was reported to have been carrying 20 of Freescale’s employees.

Although it’s obvious the loss of human life likely saddened employees and co-workers of Freescale, the possibility still remains that higher-ups in the corporation may have benefitted from the event.

“Freescale previously confirmed that the 20 employees — 12 from Malaysia and eight from China — were among 239 people on flight MH370. The company has not released the names of those employees, and again declined to do so on Monday.”, as reported by Brian Gaar, the American Statesman, Mar. 24.

It has also been mentioned in a statement by a company spokesperson that the employees who were aboard MH370, were extremely talented and valuable in the technological field.

Freescale Semiconductor Ltd. is primarily owned by the Blackstone Group, i.e. Lord Jacob Rothschild, the same group responsible for spraying the highly-toxic Corexit 500A into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the months following the BP oil spill as reported early on by Intelihub News. Shockingly, we also see the Carlyle Group listed as a secondary investor adding another layer of suspicion for investigators.

The official entry listed under Freescale Semiconductor’s “financials” section on Wikipedia states:

On September 15, 2006, Freescale agreed to a $17.6 billion buyout by a consortium led by Blackstone Group and its co-investors, Carlyle GroupTPG Capital, and Permira. The buyout offer was accepted on November 13, 2006 following a vote by company shareholders. The purchase, which closed on December 1, 2006, was the largest private buyout of a technology company until the Dell buyout of 2013 and is one of the ten largest buyouts of all time.

As a journalist, I have to point out the vast amount of monies invested into this technology firm. It’s not like $17.9B is a drop in the bucket by any means, likely signifying the true importance of this corporation. I also have to question why so many Freescale employees were on the same flight at the same time, as four of them were reported by several sources to have been U.S. patent holders of a new technology. This would likely have been a breach of protocol, but at the least a costly oversight.

In fact it’s been reported that Peid Ong Wang, Suzhou,  Zhihong Cheng, and Li Ying,  Freescale employees from China who were said to have been onboard flight 370, were each 20% holders of U.S. Patent #US008671381B1. Shockingly, the remaining 20% has been reported to be held by Freescale Semiconductor Ltd., which now after the disappearance of flight 370 becomes the sole patent holder. In laymen’s terms, Lord Jacob Rothschild is now the patent holder by virtue of invested interest into Freescale Semiconductor Ltd.

To bring things further into perspective, putting the icing on the cake, the Rothschild dynasty owns the Malaysian Central Bank which in-turn is heavily invested into the Malaysian government and Malaysian Airlines.

Need I say more?

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
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