THE TOOLS of Global Population Reduction EXPOSED!- Dr. Russel Blaylock

Vatic Note:   Notice that more and more people are getting sick?  I have noticed it, especially the elderly.   I am elderly, but I am 100% on natural remedies and NO DRUGS and thus I never get sick.  Thank goodness.   I am only bringing this up because we need to do as I have done.  Stay neutral, do not go into fear, rather begin looking at alternative ways to counter what they are doing.  If anyone wants more info on this then please email me at the link on the right and ask and I will get into some of it with you, or maybe get your number and call from a different phone.

There are plenty of  things we can do, if you so choose to stay healthy and vibrant.  I feel about half my age right now, so we can do it using multiple tactics.  Never ever give up.   Thwart them every way we can.  Force them to make a mistake.  It can be done, you know.  hehehe...... We have seen that continually, look at all the false flags they have done that got exposed.  That is never going to end.  We are so onto them now.... it can't be taken back.

Remember, there is the "hard kill" that we know about with guns and war, and then there is the "soft kill", which is chemtrails, poison in your fast food,  drinks, and preprepared foods filled with chemicals and sugar.   These are the ones we didn't know about.  Same with the sterilizing and in some cases, deadly vaccines that are being used on our children.   We know it now.  And we are going through a slow burn right now, but I promise you do  not want to see us when that turns into flaming rage.  There will be a WW, but it will be against all those bankers involved at the international level.  

THE TOOLS of Global Population Reduction EXPOSED!- Dr. Russel Blaylock 
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Forward this video to everyone because the social engineers are using this on US NOW. The proof is in the pudding or should I say from their own dark evil mouths and books. WAKE UP, the elite are calling for a 80 to 90% population reduction. Everything Dr. Russel Blaylock is 100% documented. 

The drinking water is poisoned/a mass medication, with sodium fluoride. Aspartame a neuro-toxin is added to various food products. It goes on and on. It is done on purpose to chemically lobotomize, dumb down, and exterminate US (who elite call useless eaters) Stay SAFE JESUS CHRIST IS THE WAY,THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.

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