Your future according to Rockefeller

Vatic Note: Just a ditty to remind us about how long these insane perverts work these plans of take over, criminality, corruption, undermining the republic, etc and how they "stick" to the plan.  What short description you will read below, is already here.  It was laid out in 1930.  Why do these powerful and very very wealthy men need to continue attacking the very institutions that ensured their successes through the free market system?

Its because they are psychopathic and make no connection between their successes and the very institutions, such as the Constitutional Republic that ensured their success, by providing a free country environment that said, "if you are talented, have a great idea, ingenuity, hard work, you will have no obstacles to your "legal" acts to achieve your dream."   But that was not enough for them.

In fact, they see that same system as  a threat to them now.  Why?  Because that system would allow someone with a better mouse trap to come in and compete with them in their world they created, and possibly win the competition.  Further, its not enough to compete and win, now its mandatory to go even further and criminally expand that empire beyond the protections of a free market place.

Once they are convinced of their invincibility, they move into illegal acts such as drug running, money laundering, assassinations,  corruption such as child labor and sex slave trade, that are all outside their original field of expertise.  They then believe they are god and untouchable.   A singularly unique feature of a psychopath.  They then ignore the laws of the land like the "Sherman Anti-trust Act" and do so because they use their wealth to buy off those that are charged with prosecuting them. 

Now they can do those things they tried to do before and were stopped, for instance, in the 20's their big push was Eugenics.... killing off "useless feeders", such as old people, permanently handicapped, the poor who were, according to the power elite, genetically inferior and thus a drain on society. etc. 

So, the big question is "how do you deal with a true full fledged psychopath?"  Second Amendment????   

Your future according to Rockefeller
by Chuck W., 12160,  February 7, 2014

Your future according to Rockefeller
Would you like to know the future the Rockefeller group plans for you? Check out this excerpted quote, from a 50-year old book about the family:

“Rockefeller by no means neglected their program of converting our government into a totalitarian device for looting. The basic plan was published in 1930 by his intimate friend Hoffman Nickerson in his book, the American Rich. Nickerson’s scheme is to nullify the Constitution by converting our Government into an absolute monarchy. 

He concludes, the only perfect form of government is hereditary absolute monarchy, but it might be wiser at the start not to violate American sentiment by undertaking to impose it openly. The conversion of President to absolute monarch merely requires the elimination of checks and balances on the power of the President that the framers of the Constitution “unwisely” incorporated into it, to convert his role to that of absolute dictator.”

“The key to converting Congress into a mere “rubber stamp’ is the budget plan. If the Presidential elective monarch presents to Congress, year after year, budgets so huge and complex that members could not possibly find the time to read it, and so richly provided with graft and pork barrel for each member of Congress that none of them would dare to sincerely attack it for fear of losing their shares – Congress would eschew the powers granted it by the Constitution. The presidential monarch would easily rob Congress of its Constitutional power to initial any legislation under the pretense of contrived “emergencies” and “crises”…”

Does this sound like something we have today? Exxon (ex-Standard Oil) Bechtel and Halliburton, the top profiteers of Iraq are all major Rockefeller outfits. So why in the Democrats’ media where denunciations of PNAC, Perle, Wolfowitz and Cheney fly thick and fast there is not a peep about Rockefeller?

Apparently there’s another 1913-style treason in the making. Remember how in 1913 Rockefeller & Co. pushed for tax and central banking laws so crooked even the Republicans bailed from the effort? (This says a lot.) Rockefeller then simply had the Democrats parade in as “saviors of justice” and complete the crime.

Today I can see only once conceivable reason why the Democratic Party doesn’t shout on the top of its lungs about the scandalous Rockefeller monarchical plan while it is taking body (actually, 655,000+ bodies) in front of our eyes. As in 1913, they are preparing to parade in as “saviors of justice” to complete the coup.

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Anonymous said...

The answer to your question of how do we deal with a full fledged psychopath -- the second amendment? would be a resounding UES!!! and do it now, before its too late. (does this mean I am on The List?, great! I am in good company)