'Breathtaking': Corruption cost in EU equals its annual budget

Vatic Note:  Its interesting to be viewing this in todays light, since I lived when there was no European Union and all nations were sovereign.   At that level, corruption was easily dealt with.  What is closer to the "bone" is easier to fix.  The further away from the level at the top, the more difficult it is to fix.  Right now, I view everything in the context of the globalists and their agenda.

For instance, the first question I asked was "Why are the PTB exposing this corruption NOW?"  Well,  every world war was preceeded by a form of some revolution which lead to the evil ones taking control of the nation that rebelled.

Russia comes to mind, where the bankers have controlled that country since 1917 and raped and pillaged its resources during the entire time.   Then we had the revolution in Germany in 1933 which resulted in a dictatorship over the "Republic" it originally had, with a Constitution.   We have seen WW II and what has happened economically since then.  Now we are watching these cretins trying to start a revolution here in the USA.  Its not working, so they will have to try subversion to get something started.  A false flag of sorts.

Is this why the powers that be what to regionalize every area on the globe?  Look how easy it was to lean toward corruption on a regional basis than it would have been on a country by country basis.  And notice how difficult it would be to stop it and to prosecute it at the regional level.   Will this be what happens to us when we become the "NORTH AMERICAN UNION"?   Same with Africa and Asia? 

Khazars are the ones kicked out of Mongolia for being worse than normal criminals and is this part of the reason why?  Look how easy it was for Iceland and Argentina to both prosecute and kick out the bankers in their sovereign countries.  Lets imagine corruption has taken place in the USA government..... that is a joke about "imagining it", since we know its fully operational right now.  lol

We can handle it if our gov were not run by a foreign nation fully involved with the corruption.  If we were regionalized, we would have to go through Mexico and Canada to deal with it which is another whole layer of bureaucracy to bridge before we could do anything.  If we were not occupied right now, we could address it fully without any interference by any other foreign nation.  This is a good argument for not regionalizing our nations in the western hemisphere.

So why are the PTB exposing this themselves?  Are they trying to foment revolution in the EU?  If so why?  How does that benefit them?  Well, if China is the designated winner and NWO lead country,  then it would make sense.  Cause a revolution against the EU and weaken Europe, while also doing the same to all its allies, like the USA which would also be weakened and ensure China winning the World war.  Does  this make sense?   Any other ideas are more than welcome.

'Breathtaking': Corruption cost in EU equals its annual budget 
Published by RT on Feb 4, 2014
Corruption in the EU costs the economy 120 billion euro per year - equivalent to the EU's annual budget, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said when presenting a new report, adding that "there are no corruption-free zones in Europe."


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