Television Mind Control, Black Magik, Sigil Magik - THEY ARE ALTERING YOUR MIND!

Vatic Note:   Wow, this is the best program so far, I have found on the power of TV and its affect on our minds, subconscious mind, and invasion into our cellular structure and how  it can alter it.   Add to that the use of this mind control for satanic purposes and uses.   This whole program explains so much that we did not have before.  (google:  Lesser key of Solomon)

Apparently babies are born through satanic ritual based on "ritual Trauma Abuse" and the TV acts as a baby sitter, and becomes the trauma based dissociated violence and sex into another aspect of their minds.  We are, by nature,  loving caring beings, and now with the TV we have become violent brutal and unfeeling.  Add to that the vaccines, the dumbed down schools, etc. and other mechanisms, they use to make us into their minions to do their dirty work.   The good news is,  We can overcome it  without their help or assistance.

This is chock full  of information we did not have til now.  We need to thank these people for the deep research they have done to give us this information.  Wait til you hear about the sigils that are our alphabet and language and the experiments that are done and explain so much of what we are exposed.

There is so much here, remember this  is not a fast food information site.... the information here is invaluable.   They give us a way to fight all this that is going on, listen for it, since they say what we have been saying,  WE ARE POWERFUL, we don't need rituals,  and if we get away from the TV and other electronic tools,  and infuse our hearts with Love,  it changes everything.  I believe it.  I doesn't mean that you must become passive,  not at all, rather, it means you must know the weapons you can  used to change it.  Good luck,  THIS IS WELL WORTH THE READ/VIEWING, ALL THE WAY TO THE END. 

Television Mind Control, Black Magik, Sigil Magik - THEY ARE ALTERING YOUR MIND!
Published by Jeanice Barcelo· on Aug 16, 2013
Birth of a New Earth Radio - Jeanice Barcelo interviews John and Bonniie Mitchell regarding television mind control through the use of mnemonic circles, hypnotic countdowns, sigils and symbolism that ALTER YOUR MIND! One of the most important interviews to date. You don't want to miss this one.


John and Bonnie Mitchell - http:/awakenvideo.org
Jeanice Barcelo - http://BirthofaNewEarth.com and http://BirthofNewEarth.blogspot.com

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