How to control the Matrix

Vatic Note:  Gregg Braden is a one of a kind.   He is a scientist turned Spiritualist and uses science to back up and prove what he is saying.  He has most of the information on recent scientific studies and the resulting analysis which helps to separate out fact from fiction, or real information from the airey fairy stuff that the powers that be feed us that is misdirection and propoganda.

I read his book "The Divine Matrix" and it was worth every cent and hour that I spent on it.  I went even further and bought his next book at the time, called "The Healing Power of Belief".   Both had the science proving his spiritual contentions contained therein.   He is worth every bit of time and effort you spend on his work.     

How to control the Matrix 
Published by Lisa TheMayanManifestor on Jan 4, 2013
I can't help but feel duped! The way the powers that be have tried to separate us through lies and propaganda. They deliberately set this world up so they would thrive and prosper at our expense. They kept important information on how to control this world from us so they could enslave us. 

They know how this all works and we see proof of that at Bohemian Grove and on mainstream media. I uploaded this in hopes that people will be able to get their power back. It is like going back to school here but with real information that will aid us in taking back our planet. 

All information in this video can be researched online but Gregg does a great job of making it all easier for us. If we had this information from the start they would have never been able to have this much control over us.

The parts that were taken out of the Bible were the most empowering parts. That really proves they had every intention of our enslavement way way back. Sorry about the length of this video but it did take 12 years of indoctrination to take us away from the truth. 

I also edited out a few of his personal stories and chats with his audience that did not seem relevant to this information. Original video can be found here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JiYLR...

Gregg has most of his information for free but you can buy his books if you prefer that at Gregg Braden info :

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