VATIC ALERT: America 'Dead Last' In Education (E29): Its even worse than that!

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Vatic Note:  Well, the gestapo always start with the children in order to indoctrinate them through fear, intimidation,  manipulation etc, to do  exactly as they are told and to engage only in acceptable behavior, and thus become model citizens of a police state.   No resistance or dissent.   They are using these tactics to bring us down off our high horse.

What most people do not realize is we are one of the few remaining countries who "bows" to no one.  No monarchies, no elected officials etc, and that had to be addressed and dealt with by the NWO Zionist nazi crowd before they could bring us down.   They cannot change adults who already believe they are the bosses of those in government, so they had to start with the children.  And this below is how they are doing it and the result is a massive drop in our education levels  for our children.   They are now dead last.

Fear is the new mental and spiritual diet they are feeding our children.  What I don't understand is how parents are tolerating this.   Pull your children out of school and home school them.  Its the only way.   Home schooled children do far better and as a group are right up in the top percentile of students applying to college.   You are going to be appalled at what you will read below.  They are arresting and brutalizing these kids for nothing.  A girl wearing perfume to school,  breaking a girls wrist.   What message do you think these children are left with?

And now, the drug companies and the schools collude to drug our children for drug profits and to turn our children into Zombies.  And gov is backing them by threatening parents with neglect charges if they don't cooperate.  Wait til you read all this below.  Its amazing to me that this story is not viral all over the net.

This is where we must give the message to our congress, that this is totally unacceptable and treasonous.  Its an intentional act of destruction of our nation and its people. Send them the message that they must purge these AIPAC minions from out of our government and do it now......  Its a good thing Gun production is up 31%.

America 'Dead Last' In Education (E29)
by Truthseeker,  RT,  Dec 1, 2013

(VN: RT won't let us embed, so you have to download from this link below or simply read the transcript, which is what I did and put it up for you.  This is a must read.... its way worse than what I imagined, these are seriously sick people doing this to our world and our nation.)
Download video (84.78 MB)
   Just look at these faces of every child in this room.  Not one smile between them.  This  is what we are allowing to be done to our children.  Shame on us.

An extensive skills study from the OECD finds young Americans are 'dead last', leaked lesson plans from corporate-controlled schools, expulsion and arrest offences under child ‘zero tolerance’ policies, teen mental patient screening questions, and hundreds of thousands of US college students being forced into prostitution.

Seek truth from facts with The Untold History of the United States, co-author Prof. Peter Kuznick, Associate Director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, Josh Golin, studentdebtcrisis.org co-founder, Robert Applebaum, Storyleak editor, Anthony Gucciardi, and filmmaker, Michael Moore.

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RT: Why are America’s children being ranked last place in class? Coming up.

Announcer: Shocking findings in latest schools research. The effects of ‘zero tolerance’. And the sordid profession hundreds of thousands of college students are being forced to do.

RT: The OECD's latest skill figures put young Americans ‘dead last’. In an article titled ‘Measuring America's Decline’, The New Yorker notes a shocking slide in US education is no longer in question.

In reading, The New York Times writes, Hong Kong and Russia are top, while Finland's first at numeracy, the most highly valued skill in the workforce. America's not just lagging but ‘dead last’ and by a long way.

In literacy, it's beaten to last place by Italy.

In problem-solving, it's topped by every single advanced industrialized country.
The New York Times writes while Obama's ‘nation-building’ in Afghanistan, funding new schools and teachers, ‘all across America’ school budgets are being cut and teachers fired.

War spending has more than doubled since 9/11, going to places like Afghanistan, Iraq and now arming Al-Qaeda in Syria.

The Pentagon claims it takes just 5% of your tax. But Economics Professor Jurgen Brauer discovered vast expenditures from military debt repayment to veterans affairs, nuclear weapons and many many other direct war costs that taxpayers are unknowingly paying for.

Brauer found an astonishing 68 cents of your every tax dollar now goes on foreign wars, the education of a new generation of Americans gets five.

Professor Peter Kuznick's co-author of The Untold History of the United States with Hollywood director Oliver Stone. Professor Kuznick joins us, it's great to see you, what happens in states that choose war over school spending?

Prof. Peter Kuznick, co-author of The Untold History of the United States: The thing that threatens the United States more than terrorism, more than anything, really, is the failure of our educational system.

It's the worst of both worlds, they have the debt and they don’t have the education. What's going to happen to the US is what’s happening already - the United States is declining.

Our Untold History project is dedicated to burying this myth of ‘exceptionalism’, we think it's noxious. Obnoxious and noxious, both. It’s dangerous for Americans to think they’re God's gift to humanity.

RT: What worries you about the direction America's schools are going in?

Kuznick: One of the things the United States was exceptional, in a negative way, is we have these armed guards, and metal detectors and, in some states, they want to arm the teachers.

RT: US education itself is now ‘militarized and criminalized’. Razor wire, surveillance cameras, gun-toting security guards and militarized officers with police dogs roam the grounds.   ABC reports they're breaking girls' arms unprovoked.

ABC report: He went from 0-60 without any provocation. Had this been a regular person doing this, that person would have been criminally charged.

RT: Another school security guard broke a girl's wrist, reports Fox News, for spilling some crumbs of a birthday cake, then arrested her. When her mother went to school to find what happened, she was arrested too. And just for taking this photo of the security guard, a classmate was arrested for good measure. Almost all US schools now have policies dubbed ‘zero tolerance’, reports USA Today, for behavior previously called childish or just normal. It's leading to the most bizarre criminal records:

- Girls arrested for using perfume.
- A 12-year-old girl who doodled ‘I love my friends Abby and Faith’ on her desk was actually arrested by police and marched out the school in handcuffs.
- In a class when a little girl kissed a little boy on the cheek, authorities called in police and child welfare. Authorities admitted that it was not sexual.
- School kids who have a bottle of Scope mouthwash, or who flick a rubber band, are expelled.
- A seven-year-old was arrested in the cafeteria for nibbling his Pop-Tart into the shape of a hill.
- Kids are now even arrested for burping.

And US schoolchildren now don't need to do anything wrong, notes investigative site Storyleak, to be forced on mind-altering, psychotropic drugs. 

Lawrence Smith, son died from Ritalin: We were told that if we do not follow up with their evaluation of ADHD and take him to the pediatrician and get him on Ritalin, that child protective services could charge us for educational and emotional neglect.

RT: From the very first grade, Big Pharma teams up with authorities to screen school kids as mental patients. Prozac reps hold ‘National Depression Screening Days’ to push their products in high-school assemblies which all students must attend, and hand out Prozac gifts. ‘Pop a pill and everything will be alright', notes The Washington Times, was the message.

Fred Baugman, neurologist: ADHD is a means of making paying patients out of normal individuals, and once they are given a prescription and put on medications that are virtually never discontinued, they have lifetime paying patients. That’s what's behind the epidemic.

RT: Screening questions are so generalized that every living being on the planet qualifies.

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging:
- ‘Do you feel sad, blue, unhappy or down in the dumps?’ Sometimes.
- ‘I’ve had periods of great optimism and other periods of equally great pessimism.’ Yeah, that happens a lil’ bit.
- ‘My heart beats faster than usual.’
- ‘I have trouble sleeping.’
- ‘Shortness of breath?’
- ‘Gained weight?’
- ‘Trembling hands?’
- I have an idea that most of these are going to be ‘sometimes’.
- Everyone has.
- Hasn’t everybody?
- All right, my score totaled 42. Bipolar disorder, moderate to severe symptoms.

Allen Jones, Investigator, Office of Inspector General (ret.) Pennsylvania: I absolutely believe that the survey for TeenScreen was intentionally structured to flag as many children as possible as having a possible mental health problem.

RT: We can't know how many American heroes never will be, due to drugs forced on them as children.

The Drugging of Our Children:

Interviewer: If you manifest any number of symptoms, like ‘easily distracted’, ‘blurting out an answer before you’re asked’, ‘daydreaming’, ‘looking out of window’, ‘fidgeting at your desk’, ‘unable to sit still’, that these are symptoms of this mental disorder called ADHD. What do you think about that?

Michael Moore, author and filmmaker: That was me! All those things were me. Seriously, if this had been the way things were run back when I was growing up, I’ll tell you, they would have had me so doped up you guys never would have heard of me.

RT: Anthony Gucciardi is the editor of Storyleak, it's great to see you, what's going on?

Anthony Gucciardi, Storyleak editor: This is what happens in a society that is now beyond Orwellian. We've had parents contact me and say ‘hey, my children were in a classroom, they were learning about history and they asked a simple question, maybe about a historical event, and they said you must go to a doctor because you have ADHD.’ Just being active, just having an active mind now is against the system, it’s now considered a mental illness.

RT: What happens when someone takes these drugs?

Gucciardi: When I was very young in the classroom I was speaking to my peers and I was asking a lot of questions. They sent me to my doctor and I filled out a form, I think it had five questions on it. The number one question was ‘Who is your hero, who is your idol?’ And all of these weird Orwellian questions that had nothing to do with actual science at all, it was all just opinion. And then the doctor came in and said ‘yeah, he likes to listen to music, I think he probably has ADHD’, and he prescribed me pills that I had to take every single day.

And when I took them I felt like a complete zombie, I could not even put sentences together, it was wrecking my brain entirely. And this is the same thing I hear time and time again across the board from everyone who was put on them. This is turning people into literal zombies. When you walk on the streets of America these days, you can see it in their eyes, you can see it in their eyes, the way they’re cogitating things; they just don’t understand what’s going on.

RT: The makers of Prozac are just one of the corporations that now control school teaching. This is a genuine curriculum and lesson plans that the Center for Commercial-Free Public Education uncovered:

- First graders are taught to count with Domino's Pizzas.
- Geography's taught as cities where Tootsie Rolls has factories.
- First graders are taught to read through K-Mart, Pizza Hut, M&M’s, Jell-O and Target logos.
- For biology class, students have to watch Exxon's video that the Valdez oil disaster was ‘a great example of environmental protection’.
- Kids spend a whole week of academic time learning the life cycle of a Nike sneaker.
- In return for giving Coke exclusive ‘pouring rights’, the Colorado Springs school district pledges to make their students drink ‘at least 70,000 cases of Coke a year’.
- The official Nutrition Curriculum's created by McDonald's and fried potato chip manufacturers.

Half of all schools in the US are forced to watch something called Channel One TV in class every day. A John Hopkins University study found an incredible 80% of the content was non-educational fillers and ads.

Channel One TV: To save $5 text ‘Clean’ to 467467. Clean & Clear, and under control.

RT: Josh Golin's Associate Director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) it's great to see you, why shouldn’t corporations write the school curriculum?

Josh Golin, Associate Director, CCFC: Kids go to school with the expectation that it’s in their best interest. If they’re just seeing messages from McDonald’s and Coca-Cola because they paid the most, that’s the antithesis of education.

RT: A few decades ago top US universities like Berkeley were completely free. Government cuts are pushing fees to impossible levels. A Stanford science degree costs $42,000. At a top German university the same degree is $150. Forbes points out public funding keeps it around the same cost as in Kenya. German firms like Mercedes, Siemens and Porsche get to pick from thousands of top-qualified engineers each year. Now in the US an astonishing 400,000 high-school graduates each year who want to go to college can't afford it.
If they want a higher education most teens must borrow astonishing amounts.

Student, ‘Scholarslip’ documentary: I'll definitely be over $100,000 in debt by the time I graduate. So I’ll be paying it off for the rest of my life.
Robert Applebaum also expects to be paying back tuition fees for the rest of his life. His petition for the Student Loan Forgiveness Act garnered over one million signatures.

Robert joins us, thanks a lot for coming on, so Congress just cut another billion in school funding, how will this situation end?

Robert Applebaum, co-founder, studentdebtcrisis.org: An idiocracy. We will have a nation of dunces, of people who are completely uneducated because they can’t afford to go to school. The figures are astronomical, people getting into $200,000, $400,000 worth of debt. We will only have the elite rich who are able to afford to go to college.

RT: To pay their way, hundreds of thousands who do get to college are turning to prostitution. Students are now the major users of the many sites which hook up young girls with rich, older men for sex. In return, sugar daddies, as they're known on the sites, fund part or all their college fees.

Sugar Daddy documentary, CurrenTV:

Sugar Daddy: What do you think we’re gonna do now?
Sugar Baby: I don’t know, what are you thinking is a good idea?
SD: Well, I have a couple of thoughts.
SB: Yeah.
SD: I’m a man after all.
SB: Yeah.

Sugar Baby college student, Fox news report: I know it’s not right, it says in the Bible it’s not right to sell yourself for money. But the times I’m going through right now, I feel like there’s an exception.

RT: The New York Times writes American companies now rely on qualified foreigners from countries with more effective education systems. The US is actually now 'staking the nation's future on a steady stream of skill from abroad.’ (VN: that is intentionally globalizing our population and decreasing resistance when you rearrange culture and sovereignty into a melting pot. And its not AMERICA that is doing this, ITS OUR FOREIGN OCCUPIED GOV doing this.  No wonder all those other countries have purged all dual Israeli Rothschild citizen bankers out of their nation.  Look who sits in key positions in the White House and congress,  dual Israeli citizens.  And everyone now admits that AIPAC runs our government)

American ‘exceptionalism’ is regularly invoked by Barack Obama and other members of the Establishment. The New York Times writes that their speeches often claim the US workforce is the ‘best in the world.’ That may do wonders for self-esteem… (VN: it used to be until feds got involved in taking over local control of our schools and federalizing them.  Then just look at who runs the fed dept for education)

The Times warns that for a long time it's just not been the truth. And the way America treats its younger generations… that it's ‘rock bottom’ seems hardly surprising.

Seek truth from facts. This is The Truthseeker.

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