AIPAC Congressional Sockpuppets are a National Security Threat

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Vatic Note:   I hate it when these party type hacks try to make this a right or left issue when in fact its obvious that both parties are sold out, with exceptions in each party.  The parties are controlled through the campaign contribution system and we all know it.   So why do they keep trying to go back to the old way of seeing this  through a division of Americans,  I will never understand.

This is an American issue against a foreign infiltrating force for the purposes of conducting a coup,  not of one party or the other but a coup of AMERICA and that means both parties need to come together against the foreign infiltrator and kick them out of this country.  

IRELAND Is the latest country to take them head on by prosecuting them for banking practices and that country now joins Iceland, Argentina, Hungary, and others who have kicked the Israeli backed Rothschild bankers out of their system and now are in recovery as we should be. 

Notice how these below do not talk about that fact.  So why no call for kicking them out of here?  Why no call for prosecuting them and jailing them for their illegal and unethical banking practices?  Then there is the lobbying to use our nation and its people as fodder for that foreign nations "empire building" wars.  

AIPAC is the most blatant offender.  Can we prosecute those who force us into an unjustifiable war for that foreign country's benefit, with a non enemy of our country, and do so for murder of our children who die in that war or are maimed???

Maybe if we made that a law, then the lobbying would cease to be so blatant by a foreign power within our governing system.  AIPAC should be registering as a foreign lobbyist and not as a regular lobbyist. 

AIPAC Congressional Sockpuppets are a National Security Threat
By Jim Dean, Editor, Veterans Today, 2/18/2014


Cantor ‘very close’ to Israel lobby in Congress

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor      …with  Press TV,  Tehran

[ Editors Note: We hope that PressTV will fix the embedding problem with their media links so we can show them here, but the audio link for this 3 minute spot is here.]

Eric Cantor - Moonlighting for Israel, or America?
Eric Cantor – Moonlighting for Israel, or America?

An American columnist says House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is very close to the Israel lobby in order to put more pressure on lawmakers on Iran sanctions legislation.
“Eric Cantor has been very close to the Israeli lobby in Congress,” managing editor at Veterans Today Jim W. Dean told Press TV on Tuesday.  (VN: Gosh, you mean almost as close as Barrack Obama is?)

“By very close what we mean is they can actually hand certain congressmen statements that they want them to read and they will absolutely do it,” he added.
On Monday, Cantor criticized President Barack Obama’s foreign policy and called for further sanctions against Iran.

Cantor said the United States should “lay the groundwork now for additional sanctions” in the event that Iran violates an interim nuclear agreement reached last year.

He was referring to the sanctions bill introduced by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez and Senator Mark Kirk in December.

The AIPAC has been vigorously trying to convince US senators to approve the legislation against Iran in order to derail nuclear talks, but America’s largest pro-Israel lobby group has failed so far.
Dean also noted that the AIPAC “has pretty much been defeated on this. They didn’t have their votes.”
The White House has repeatedly announced that it is against fresh sanctions while the talks are under way.

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