Bee activists swarm Home Depot and Lowe's

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Vatic Note:   I am lucky to be living in the mountains of Colorado because I get an up close birds eye view of the weather, clouds, and anomolies caused by man, as well as that caused by nature.  Seeing both, allows me to see the differences between the two.  I have lived up here for 17 years now, and I know my sky, clouds, weather and snow.  I intend, a bit later, to tell you what I have been seeing lately above our area, so stay with us.

This below is from MSM, and I published it to show you just how they are adjusting to their loss of readership.  Now they are partially covering such subjects as this, when in the past, they would never mention it at all.  Their revenue losses must be horrific.  I can hardly wait until the MSM whistle blowers start coming out of the woodwork.

They are directing this type of news to the internet alternative press readers.  What we know about disinfo is that it always carries partial truths with it.  Its partially true about the pesticides, but more importantly, it also true there is a real problem with the bee die off from man made efforts.  First thing we do when we want to analyze an issue is discover the holes in the information  and ask questions whose answers would fill the holes.

So my question here is "We have always had pesticides, so why now all of a sudden are the bees dying off?   What do we know right now about our world and the affect man has had on it through his technology?   What do we have now that we did not have back in the 40's, when we were the bread basket of the world??

Answers are as follows:  We know about Haarp, Geoengineering using chemtrails,  our new laser in space, GMO plants which when fed to animals cause horrible birth defects, death, and major illnesses in animals.  You can imagine what the GMO's can do to bees.  Finally, we have man made viruses, an example is the  "Israeli accute paralysis virus".  Scientists have identified this along with other mutating viruses, as contributing to such a rapid and massive die off.  Its more than just one thing happening.

Its at this point I will tell you that when ever I see the "ripples" in the clouds above our area, I know that Haarp is at work, and then I watch the weather news and sure enough, every single time I can match the coincidences of Haarp operations with the bad weather, such as droughts,   floods,  snow etc that ends up causing major problems for millions of residents and then is used to justify some police state action that the sold out officials take.  I have recently seen these ripples in clouds and following that was the news that power went out somewhere in the nation and I believe it was somewhere in the south. So they are working overtime and they should be in jail at the very least.

What we obviously have to do is an "Iceland, Hungary, Argentina, and Ireland who is currently prosecuting bankers in their country, etc" and we should rid ourselves of these bankers and their infiltrated foreign agents into our science, universities, government, and technology fields of study and activity.  There is no doubt in my mind, that they are at the heart and bottom of all our earth problems.  Read this below and keep an eye on weather now being manipulated all over the country to our detriment.  They are going for that famine they promised to do to us a year ago.  They  always tell us what they intend to do. 

Bee activists swarm Home Depot and Lowe's
By: Mark Koba | Senior Editor, CNBC 
   Pat Greenhouse | The Boston Globe | Getty Images
   Honeybees at work on their hive.

Home Depot and Lowe's are under fire for selling pesticides that some believe are partly to blame for killing billions of the nation's honeybees.
Petitions with thousands of signatures are being delivered to the home-improvement retailers this week, demanding they stop selling the pesticides—called neonicotinoids—along with any plants in the stores that have been treated with them. Neonicotinoids are the most widely used class of pesticides in the world.

"There's a growing body of science indicating that the pesticides are a key factor in recent global bee deaths," said Lisa Archer, director of the food and technology program at the environmental group, Friends of the Earth.

Archer said her group, which is leading the petition effort, tested plants for sale at Lowe's and Home Depot and more than half had the pesticides.

She said because there were no labels on the plants or pesticides that they could be harmful to bees, consumers were left in the dark about the dangers.

(Read more: How the Pacific could be California's drought fix)

Home Depot was aware of the pesticide issue before the petition effort began, said Ron Jarvis, vice president of merchandising and sustainability at the retailer.

"We've been in contact for months with several environmental groups about neonicotinoids," Jarivs told CNBC by phone. "Now we've been in contact with Friends of the Earth."
Jarvis said Home Depot has been working on an alternative to neonicotinoids for some time and that several of the retailer's suppliers are already using the replacements. He said that anti-pesticide petitioners who have been in the stores this week have been very polite—and that anytime someone has an issue with a Home Depot product, it is taken seriously.

Lowe's has not made any public statements or responded to meeting requests from Friends of the Earth, said Archer. (Calls to the company's corporate offices were not returned in time for this story.)

Another historic bee die-off
Bees and other pollinators are critical in producing—through the pollination of plants—two-thirds of the food crops humans eat every day. It's estimated that between $20 billion and $30 billion in American agriculture production depends on honeybees and other pollinators.

Read more: Pacific storm eases California drought, but state has long way to go).  But the bees are dying by the billions. The common name for what's killing them is Colony Collapse Disorder.

Last year, U.S. beekeepers reported losing 40 to 100 percent of their hives, and they are likely facing another winter of historic bee die-offs, according to the Friends of the Earth.

—By CNBC's Mark Koba. Follow him on Twitter @MarkKobaCNBC.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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