Farmer reports: GMOs causing deformities, birth defects in piglets

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Vatic Note:  This would be considered criminal if an average person did this to a rancher or farmer.  He would be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law and yet, Bill Gates and Monsanto simply continue on with their criminal enterprise with nothing to stop them.  I was not only upset at the impact on humans, but these little piglets have not had a chance at a decent life even for the short time they are around.  They are born into pain and suffering. 

Believe it or not, that bothered me tremendously.   I do this work for the little children who are the same way.  They have no way to defend themselves and now with the vaccines, pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, etc, and this frankenfood they are tricked into eating, there is no safety for anything helpless and innocent.  Its up to us to protect them.  Our industries have fully failed us and we should boycott them all.

I get this way over anything innocent that cannot defend itself against these animals who call themselves people, leaders, royalty, bankers, and politicians and who we are suppose to be able to trust with the well being of our food supply.  How dare they make life for simple animals and people who are trusting, into a living hell on earth.   I hope the wrath of God will be as presented in the Bible and I just want to be around to see it when it happens, because it will.

These khazars make fun of us for our trust we placed in those that ran such industries.  They call us naive and stupid for being so trusting.  Well, that worm has begun to turn and it will take generations for us to EVER trust them again.  If I were them, I would sell those food companies as soon as possible.  

Farmer reports: GMOs causing deformities, birth defects in piglets
Elizabeth Renter | Natural Society
January 30, 2014

Thanks to Monsanto’s genetically modified crops and creations, one pig farmer in Denmark is sounding the alarm on what he believes are deformities caused by genetically modified feed, crippling the pigs he raises.

According to The Ecologist, farmer Ib Pedersen has found piglets born with spinal deformities, visible growths and abnormalities, and even conjoined twins.

He blames glyphosate—the herbicide found on genetically modified crops.
A primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, glyphosate is a weed-killing chemical routinely sprayed on crops that have been genetically-modified to withstand it’s killer effects.

Glyphosate has been found in staggering amounts in human urine and is not only found in our food, but in the water system.

For farmers like Pedersen, there are multiple problems with glyphosate. Not only does he have to worry about consuming it himself, but he has rising concerns about its effects on his piglets.

Pedersen produces 13,000 pigs each year and is a supplier to Europe’s largest pork producer Danish Crown. When he became alarmed at the deformities among his pigs, he eliminated the genetically modified food sources and switched to non-GM feed. While some of the problems didn’t entirely disappear, improvements were remarkable.
“When using GM feed I saw symptoms of bloat, stomach ulcers, high rates of diarrhea… but when I switched [to non GM feed] these problems went away, some within a matter of days,” said Pedersen.
In addition to making the piglets healthier, the switch also saved Pedersen money and time. “Less abortions, more piglets born in each litter, and breeding animals living longer,” he said among the changes. He’s had to use less medicine and has had higher productivity as a result.
When the deformed piglets were tested, Pedersen says they all had glyphosate in their organ tissues.

In humans, glyphosate has been linked to hormonal disruptions, sterility and cancer. But it’s long-term effects are simply not known. For the most part, we are all the guinea pigs in this scientific experiment, one that those in charge refuse to pull the plug on.

Farmers in the US have seen similar results with genetically-modified feed. An Iowa farmer said, “There is little doubt based on the results of putting GM feed into a livestock ration and based on results of removing GM feed from a ration that animal health is better on conventional feed and grain.”

Non-GM is better for the animals and better for the people. So who exactly are GMOs better for?

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Bonnie said...

We ran into the same situation. Our feed store was selling GMO Corn and didn't tell us they had changed suppliers. We started having half of the pig litters being stillborn, the older pigs were getting diarrhea, and our newborn goats all had spindle legs.

We switched back to non gmo feed and we have had very small percentage of stillborns and no spindle legs. All diarrhea has stopped and everyone is healthy.