This below is Why We Cannot Condemn Obama, Since He is As much a Victim As We Are.

Vatic Note:  This is the first "1st hand" account from someone who went to school with President Obama in Hawaii.  What she reveals beyond the titillating stuff such as his homosexuality and his free basing cocaine habit, was breathtaking.   What got to me is information that explains his current habit of lying and how far back it goes.

Her description of his behavior as a teenager fits perfectly with that of a psychopath/sociopath as we showed on an earlier blog about such people.  His manipulation and lying to get what he wants, and then dumping someone after using them, is so very  psychopathic.

Having said all that, lets be fair to Obama, he was not born like this, he was "created", so its worth the effort to review what we have posted on this blog many times.... What do the illums do to their own children from a very very early age in order to mind control them and indoctrinate them, that would explain his later behavior as an emerging adult in high school?

Remember, he lived with his mothers boss and his son from a very early age until 11 years old, so the initial trauma abuse could have started back then  and progressed from there, when, from 11 years old until college, he lived with his DUAL ISRAELI CITIZEN GRANDFATHER and his Bank President Grandmother on his mothers side of the family and his mother working for the CIA front, the Ford Foundation which included working for Tim Geithners father who was head of CIA in that foundation.  He was surrounded by enemies who were already insane.

CIA was heavy at that time into the Monarch program with mind control.  Israel was experimenting with growing brains and programming them as they grew, so we are not dealing with normal people here.  We are dealing with the creme de la creme of pond scum. Geithners' dad was his mothers boss, so who knows what he talked her into doing with her son.

What the illums do to their children is pedophile them and use trauma based Satanic sexual and psychological ritual abuse against the children.  They do this for years and then finally at some juncture, they have the "handler" who will handle Obama, come in and rescue him from all that abuse.  By then he is older, like maybe 13 years old, and the damage has been done.  That handler stays with him for life.  Tim Geithner ring a bell? 

The reason the illums do this is because sexual trauma based ritual abuse, separates the hemispheres of the brain from each other and sets up a psychological chasm where one side is completely permanently separated from the other, so then the one side will be indoctrinated,  and manipulated by the rescuing handler, trigger words and images will be used to switch him from one side of the brain to the other. (Monarch programming)

For the illums, they do that to ensure their offspring will continue their thousands of years agenda beyond their own lives.  That is why they are all so very very insane. The insanity is created and nurtured and passed on generation to generation and they don't even realize what they have done or continue to do.  The good news for us, is, it can never be hidden.  Insanity is obvious and out there for all to see.  That makes use of Obama limited to where eventually they will have to let him go and move onto the next operative, which will be the "Blackmailed" but sane, Biden.

The CIA has full  knowledge of all of this and has used it themselves as previous disclosures have revealed.  Who were the first to use this tactic?  The Israeli's were first, and then The British royal "KHAZAR" family were the next ones, and it filtered on down into British society through the schools as most of us know.  Britain has a reputation for teachers sexually abusing their boys.  Same with the Vatican and the priests abusing school children.  Israel also has it written in their Talmud that RAPE OF A CHILD IS APPROVED BUT LIMITED TO ANY AGE OVER 3.5 YEARS OLD.  How does all this fit in together....

1.  Britain's MI6 created our CIA and Mossad, and both agencies along with MI6 work for the Globalists,  primarily Rothschilds of London for the global agenda.  They have no loyalty to a "national" agenda, rather to globalists agenda only.
2.   Psychopathy and homosexuality are proven results of such abuse, so the resulting adult has no limits to their evil behavior, except those programmed into them, resulting in no morality, no restrictions and no conscience. Its why Barry can lie so adeptly and convincingly, he has no conscience with which he must struggle.
3.   This information leads us to understanding of his behavior at this level and why he is so very dangerous if not countered.   He was hired on in his 20's after college by the CIA and he is still working for them and the globalist agenda.  HE WAS NOT INHERENTLY EVIL, HE WAS "CREATED" AND USED FOR EVIL.  That is the crime of those that did this to him, but the results for us are the same and dangerous to us, nonetheless.
4.   Remember, other leaders of other nations had a hard time with Obama's ego and attitude toward them?  They did not like his arrogance.  Ironically, that arrogance was a gift from his Khazar Zionist handlers.  They act and talk the same way.  Their arrogance was reflected deeply, in the protocols and we have said from the beginning, its that arrogance that will bring them down as it always has.  And that is happening as we speak.    They cannot hide the insanity.  Its like a neon sign on the mainstreet of Times square.  Because its "WITHIN" them, they cannot see it like we can.  Because of that they cannot hide it either, so, that is why it will be their downfall.

It was the pedophiling of the child that set his sexual orientation.  I am not excusing Barry, but I am trying to make everyone understand that he has never been in control of anything and he has never had a choice as to what he would become as an adult and that is why such a crime against a child is so very horrific and evil since his own family, who should have been safe for him to grow up with, did this to him.    He was "CREATED" if you will, and used and abused.  That is why he is so eloquent in speech when he has a teleprompter and so very ignorant and useless without one.

He has no idea what morality is, since that has been completely eliminated from his education, nor does he know what the issues are since he is "programmed", but knows it all when he has the teleprompter.   The teleprompter is loaded with speeches written by either his handler or others with all the information they want out there.  He is simply a super disinfo man on whatever they tell him to talk about, with speeches written by the handler or his minions.  Notice I seldom mention Barry because its been obvious he has no say in any of it and he is handicapped by not being able to resist because of his trauma abuse and mind control.  

Mia Marie Pope Oust Obama 

Published by ATLAHWorldwide on Nov 4, 2013

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Mia Marie Pope Oust Obama on The Manning Report. Recorded 31 October 2013

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