Is this Tibet's big chance?

Vatic Note:  Remember, Rothschild now controls China since giving it over to the Big international bankers and corporations.  3000 of China's  top leadership were trained by the home of all secret societies,  Oxford University in London.  We are watching this going on all over the world. 

In the protocols the first religion mentioned to be attacked is Christianity, which is exactly what happened in 1917 in Russia and 1934 in Germany.  Yes, thats right, the first massacres by the Germans with 150,000 zionists in their military were the murder of 50 million Christians in eastern Europe.... but you never hear about that holocaust, do you?  Now its India, China, Syria, parts of Africa and soon, the USA. 

Lets find out if the UN is truly going to be a place "people" can go to to get justice and equal treatment regardless of religion, race, culture, nationality etc.  If not, then we have absolutely nothing to lose by going down fighting like wild cats.  We did it once before against all odds and a couple of times afterwards that were precipitated by the international/British bankers, and they lost every time. 

They have already made more mistakes this time around then they ever did compositely in the past, so they are not assured of victory by a long shot.  There are far fewer of them than us and they are not sure about our military, intel, and other patriots that may well be closet patriots that will come out once the take down starts. 

Even if they don't, we are still millions strong and greater in numbers than they are.   We WILL PREVAIL.  Its better to die fighting than to ever live the Satanic life they have planned for us.  Example:  Organ harvesting from the slave work class and their children to ensure long life for their pervert leaders. 

Visit their website to sign the petition.  

Is this Tibet's big chance?
by Ben Margetts,  Avaaz

Dear friends,

Tibetans risk being beaten or shot if they refuse to fly the Chinese flag. But now China needs international support to get elected to the UN Human Rights Council. Let’s build a massive outcry showing the world hasn’t forgotten Tibet. Sign now: 

Tibetans who refuse to fly the Chinese flag above their homes risk being beaten or shot in the latest attempt to break their spirits. But now is the best moment in ages to bring hope to Tibet's proud, but desperate people.

China’s leaders are mounting an intense campaign to draw a veil over their rights abuses and persuade governments to vote them onto the UN Human Rights Council. So if enough of us shine a light on what’s going on in Tibet -- squashing an ancient religion, banning journalists, dawn arrests --we can get China to back away from its hard-line policy to be sure of getting the 97 votes it needs.

Let’s show the Tibetan people that the world hasn’t forgotten them. China is feeling the heat as 13 governments just called them out on human rights in Tibet. Sign to stand with Tibet, then share this with everyone. When one million have signed we’ll deliver it to crucial UN delegations, and make it massive in the media:


Pressure on China is mounting. In an unprecedentedly strong show of support, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, US, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland and Austria just called on China to protect freedom of assembly, religion and association in Tibet. This request arrives just days after a Spanish court indicted China's former President for genocide in Tibet!

The situation is really dire. More than 120 people have taken their own lives by setting themselves on fire to protest the suffocation of the Chinese occupation and hundreds of thousands of Tibetans have been wiped out. China's ongoing policies systematically suppress the Tibetan language, force people from their homes, and strictly control the Tibetans' movement and religion.

China’s failed policies hurt China too, but having dug themselves in this deep, they need pressure to change course. This is the week that change can start. If enough of us speak up while China is under the global microscope, we can make sure our governments know we haven’t forgotten Tibet. Sign now and tell everyone -- let's build the biggest petition ever for Tibet and demand they hold China to account: (VN: there are billions of us globally, lets show them we know and we are watching and won't forget.)


Proud Tibetans are struggling against China's brutal rule and long for change, but they can’t do it alone. No one can create changes that big alone.

That’s why we've come together for Tibet before. Let's make this the moment where the whole world commits to the survival of the Tibetan people.

Our community was made for this moment.

With hope,

Ben, Alice, Patricia, Alex, Ricken, Emily, Sayeeda and the whole Avaaz team

SOURCES (VN: read these below and know that is what they have planned for us if we ever let them gain control. The AIPACS of this world control both china and the USA and that is why its happening to anyone religious, like the tibetans and now the Christians here, just like they did in Syria to the Christians there, and its happening in Israel with the  poor Pals and in India with the Sikhs.  We stand now or no one will be left to stand with and for us.)

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