Part 2 - A Spiritual War - Don't Believe it? Look at these and Think again. Can God Turn this Game Around?

Vatic note:   Here is the rub.... it doesn't matter if "YOU" believe in Satan, the Occult, etc.... it matters that those attempting to destroy America and Christianity DO BELIEVE in the Occult and Satan.  These people, to a person are totally, and irretrievably insane. I would bet all of them had been sexually satanically ritually abused as children and that is a full blown ticket to insanity, do not underestimate the addictive value of perverse minds and all they lust after and yet none of it ever stays with them.  They have to keep repeating over and over and over again the same rituals because that is all they know. In 5,000 years they have not been able to sustain their agenda in actuality.  This will be no different, no matter how much they war game it  etc.

That is why they killed 63 million Christians during the Russian Revolution and afterwards, and killed 50 million Christians in Nazi Germany beginning with the Christians in Poland. Therefore, all they do is toward that end, destroy Christianity and Christian based nations.   That is dangerous to all others on the planet since these people running it all, have no limits or restrictions on what they can do to others to satisfy whatever perverted urges they have regardless of time or place.

Lets not forget that these khazars were originally kicked out of Mongolia and you have to be pretty bad to get kicked out of there.   Lets also not forget that a society in general will reflect what it is exposed to day in and day out.   If, through movies and TV, magazines, books, etc..... they are exposed daily to perversion, and aberrant salacious behavior, along with others engaging in the same dark forces and fantasies, then your society will soon begin to reflect the same.  Its the dark slide into oblivion as a civilization and sovereign nation states and culture.

This below proves these people with the power and money to destroy nations, are occult/satanic and a danger to themselves, us, and the entire globe.  Think of the good they could do with what they have, but it is so far out of their reach, that it has never been possible to move them in that direction.  If they only had a moral compass with which to direct their desires and actions, they could have found their mission or calling to make the world a better place, instead of guiding it down into the trash heap of perversion.  WE WILL PREVAIL.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (10/13)
by The Vigilant Citizen


The host is dressed with a giant horned head.
The host is wearing a giant horned head. How appropriate.

These pop stars are not the first ones wearing horns all over the place.
Baphomet welcomes you.  (VN: goat god or Satan)

Salvador Dali with a very weird image of Marilyn Monroe behind him. She died 10 years before that event. Strange way to portray her.
Salvador Dali doing his Dali face in front of his famous depiction of Mae West.

Lady Gaga is probably dying to wear on of those.

Lady Gaga is probably dying to wear one of these.

On the diner table are dolls that are dismembered or with a shattered skull. This imagery is also prevalent in countless music videos. Its all about the occult elite's MK culture.

On the diner table are dismembered dolls and cracked skulls. This imagery is also prevalent in countless music videos. Its all about the occult elite’s MK culture.

A mannequin-cadaver type thing.
A mannequin-cadaver type thing on the diner table.

Not quite sure what that is.
Not quite sure what that is.

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