Ison Comet is disintegrating! an unknown object impacts the C/2012 S1 (VIDEO)

Vatic Note:  Oh, dear, Ison is losing its "fear Porn" value to the evil ones..... too bad, so sad, I was enjoying the fear pumping efforts that were not working.  After putting all this up, they gutted the video.  I was going to take it down and then decided,  you need to know what they "don't want us to see or know" since its just as important as seeing and knowing "something".   This was done for a reason, and maybe  help from outside does not serve their purpose.

On the other hand,  Ison is now said to be Nibiru on its way, and that, according to the  Mayan Shamans, is nothing to fear... its simply the "RETURN OF THE ANCESTORS AND WISEMEN".  That is their term, not mine.   So, is that why the PTB are acting like crazy men?  We are putting up a blog in this series, for today, that shows the history of the astronomers and how very long they have known about all this.  Be sure to read it, since they are clouding up the skies and geoengineering cold again to offset the heat of the twin star. 

I  honestly don't know why it was taken down, but no one had a chance to comment on it before they grabbed it.  I have no evidence one way or the other but there is a reason it is gone. It could be a ruse to get us to not prepare so we have greater loss of life as part of their depopulation agenda.   What that reason is, has to do with the headlines. If we accept that, then we can speculate from there.   YOu decide.  

Ison Comet is disintegrating! an unknown object impacts the C/2012 S1 (VIDEO)
by Manews, Before Its News,  November 4, 2013

Comet Ison captured by a telescope in New Mexico, USA.The images Show the spectacular moment of collision in deep space. consulted scientists believe that the comet of the century, Ison will not get coming throught its passage near the sun.

The object of unknown origin and mass, collided with the comet and fractured the nucleus, throwing large amounts of ice into space. There is a significant risk that any of the fragments can fall on planet earth.

Space agencies secret missions? UFO? Meteorite? What are they hiding from us?


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