Major intern'l TV Exposure of Zionism in these Massacres

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Israel and Sandy Hook Terrorism
uploaded by Gordon Duff, Press TV

Vatic Note:  This is a must watch..... Listen to what Mr. Harris has to say about these massacres and Israel.   Its great.  The Truth about the khazar zionist controlled Israel and their massive hold, by AIPAC and dual Israeli neocon/neolib citizens (ex: Feinstein, Schumer, Barbara Levy and Pelosi are neolibs ), in the US government is filtering up into an international TV network,  and Mr. Harris is pulling no punches.

Its finally coming out where it belongs, from the Alternative Press into the middle stream international electronic media.   This is the most encouraged I have been in a long time.  It means all the research and work, so many have done on the alternative press is finally seeing the light of day and will reach the sheep everywhere, globally.
If you saw our blog on Emily Parker and President Obama, you would see just how deep into our culture the Israeli Zionist Satanism has filtered, to where it now filters down to our children.  That is a perversion we should never have tolerated and these people need to be kicked out of this nation and sent to pioneer Mars where they can only hurt each other and do virtually no damage to the already damage planet.  You go, Mr. Harris.  Good for you with all that courage it took to speak truth to power.

What was also enlightening was the counter arguments used by AIPAC'S hand selected "traitor" to make their case for them and he had a tough job trying to do that, since the truth is now known and his comments rang so hollow, that I was almost embarrassed for him.  KEEP THIS ALL IN MIND WHEN THEY DECIDE TO COME FOR OUR GUNS.  Remember Solzenitzen also told us to make it cost them to do to us what they did to the Russians who did not fight back as they should have.  He felt it would have made a huge difference.  


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