Are The Khazar Jews Returning to Their Phallic Worshipping Roots?

Vatic Note:  We did a blog on this subject, and I just came across this below that the videographer feels the Khazars are returning to their original phallic worshipping again and that explains a lot about their crisis with respect to being gay or having "gay thoughts" of lying with a man if you are a man. Now granted, they did this video as a pun, but there is buried in there, mega truth. So keep your tongue in cheek, but also keep open to the familiarity of the issue.  It would also explain pedophilia and their desire to have it legalized, and also their deep financial involvement in porno, viagra, implants etc.  

If you care about your children, do not give up your protection of those children.  Having said all that, its up to you if you feel the title is justified when you watch the video.  I am not sure it is.  But you watch and decide.This is a serious subject and they could have chosen a better subject to make pun of.  Just a play on words. lol

Remember our schools are being hit with sex education not only on regular but also  on gay sex and we did a blog on that as well.  They want to teach the children "how" to have sex and teach them about how to have both.... these kids are too immature to be able to grasp what would be taught and the context in which its taught changes what its suppose to be, into something of a recreational nature rather than an incredible heightened experience spiritually with someone you love. Psychologists have determine that being indoctrinated into sex too early destroys the natural journey toward your sexual identity which might otherwise be different if not allowed to progress within the maturation process.  

Then ask yourselves who are the greatest perveyors of pornography?  How about the biggest producers and advertisers for Viagra and Chatalis or whatever its called.  These who want us to become like them have no souls and that is why they do not see sex as part of a spiritual experience with someone you love and are most intimate with based on trust and love. ITS IN THE PROTOCOLS AS A TARGET, TO DEMEAN SEX AND PLACE IT INTO A CATEGORY LIKE DRINKING, DRUGS, AND EATING, AND TAKE IT COMPLETELY OUT OF THE SPIRITUAL REALM. I feel for our children if we do not fight for them now.  They will lose out on experiences they can never have with these evil ones in charge instead of parents.

And finally who keeps getting arrested for "doing children"? You know who!  This below is why.  Its not the real Jews at all, its the khazars that have the problem.  This happened in Germany too. Hitler was a Rothschild, (I am going to add a disclaimer as well, The only evidence I have of Hitler is that he is a Rothschild, however, that could be wrong, so keep an open mind.) so therefore a Khazar and so were many of  his lead men in his administration  and military.  They believed it was healthy to lie with someone of the same sex, which is not the issue by itself, its the implications for their power over others.  A book was written about it called "The Pink Swastika".   Its worth the read.  Remember sodomy was used in Iraq against children in order to get the parents to talk.

Remember also, its legal in Israel for women to be taken and forced into prostitution since whorehouses are legal in Israel.  They are not prosecuted for kidnapping these women and we put up a blog about it a while back.   

Khazar Jews (VN: Pagans) Return to Their Phallic Worshipping Roots
Uploaded By SonofYasharahla

The Khazars were historically known for their Phallus (Penile) Worship. This video is only meant to show that the Khazars that the Jewish ecyclopedia states are 90% of Jewry, are in conflict with their claimed Identity as the people of the Bible, since there are more and more Khazars that feel a need to return to their forefathers ancient practices of Phallic worship.
This should not be viewed as any form of attack, just an analysis of what seems to be the case with many Jewish men. I reiterate, this is not meant as an attack upon Jewish Homosexuals, just a satirical analysis that should be viewed as pun.

Well it appears they are not going to let us play this, so please go to the link directly and watch.  sorry for the inconvenience.  They wanted us to allow ads from those occult corporations and I won't do it.... so go ahead and visit the home page  for the video.


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Anonymous said...

dirty unethical practices like this is what causes so-called ''anti-semitism''. It is disgusting and paganistic... they claim to be a highly religious race yet they still carry out these obscene acts... it sickens me